"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, October 27, 2006

Spread Your Wings and Fly...South....

This moving thing at work has really screwed me up. I blame the move since it involves co-workers. I had some seriously disturbing dreams lately. Last night Tayray was getting it on with my ex Z and not hiding it. Like, it was OK to share him. Then, one about a guy I use to sit by, who might be attractive to someone his age. Nice guy but sex dream worthy? Not so much. And, then there is my big boss. Who some people think is cute, but to me, it's like that brother thing. GROSS. What the fuck? Get out of my dreams. It's my sacred place. Reserved mainly for frolicking with Edwin McCain, and Johnny Depp, or Orlando Bloom! Lately my dreams freaking suck! Death? Affairs with unattractive men?

Around here, most birds and ducks migrate south. You can see them in droves flying and chirping. There are so many at times, they look like a black street spread across the sky. Where are they going? I mean, in Florida is there an invasion of birds in the winter? In cartoons, they packed their suitcases, and headed to Florida, so I assume this is still where they are going. Am I wrong?

Why do I wanna fly south? It snowed Monday and Tuesday. Just light flurries that melted on the ground, but it still snowed. Have I turned on my heat yet? No. (Well, I did turn it on in the bunnies room only cus I'm a good Momma). I have that expensive radiant heating shit in each room. I have a space heater for when I'm numb. It's been in the 30's. I'm like fucking Scrooge!

Guess what I got my dog for the winter? The cutest coat at Old Navy. It's blue, and brown plaid, fleece lined, and adorable. It's this style. She can get around way better in this than in her wool jacket. She is the cutest thing ever. They didn't have any of these, but I'm getting her some. Laugh it up. Probably the worst thing Old Navy could do, is carry a dog clothing line. As if I don't buy myself too much shit there. See why I need two jobs?

A girl I work with is making custom fit dog clothes. Ummm. I might have picked out a pattern for Little Hill. But, she really needs this stuff. Embroidered with her name. She sits and shivers when it's cold. Who am I kidding, even if she didn't need it, I'd buy her clothes. She's my little slice of heaven.

Happy Halloweener weekend everybody. I'm going here. I'm gonna wear a lot of clothes to keep warm, and then you can say I'm going as a person who wears a lot of clothes. Because, I don't do costumes. Bethie brought me cat ears. That's the extent of it. I'm going to smuggle some wine in to keep warm. That's the plan anyways. I don't like parties where the alchohol situation isn't clearly spelled out for me. So what? I did read it's BYOB, and "party supplies". That means weed. And bongs. Seriously, it's a hippy fest. And, a benefit. I'm all about helping people. I'm sure it'll be tons of fun.

Suppose to go pick pumpkins on Sunday, but being that me and CP can no longer cohabitate due to his inability to speak the truth to me, this may fall through. At least, MY happy ass is going to get my own pumpkin. It's tradition. I'm also cat sitting. Did I mention Tayray is in fucking Cancun? While we're here in the cold? Did I mention that she's on my shitlist?


Celina said...

Yes, those damned birds really do fly south! Every Oct-Nov we start to get (even up here in North MS) a HUGE population of blackbirds! They're all squawking and shitting on the cars, it kinda sucks. But who can blame them when they have no furry coats to keep them warm?! :)

Have you seen the pics of our cats dressed up? The little one mostly gets coats b/c I'm worried she's too cold, and the big one gets shirts and dresses b/c they look cute on her! Yay to animals wearing clothes!!

supplymadam said...

I have a sweater for my dog but last year he wouldn't let me put it on him. He thinks I was trying to kill him or something.I have to try again this year because I think he has more trust in me now. I don't get him,he lays all over me and loves to get pet and touched and likes when I lay him on his back and get mauled by me but no coat. Did I mention he's a wierdo?
We are going to a haunted house tonite at the Fire Dept that an ex coworker does every year. It's really cool and I guess pretty safe being it's at a Fire Dept.
Happy Halloween!

Mon said...

That's good to know! I really did wonder where the heck they went.
Yes I remember your cats in purdy clothing! They are great! You should re-post them for the winter time. lol.

I think they think they are too constrictive, clothes. Some things I put on the dog she just sits and stares at me like, oh...come on! Same with sticking their head out the car window, but hating the hair dryer. wtf?

EC said...

I think it's snowing way too early everywhere this year! Every blog I read people are getting a couple of inches of snow, it makes a girl like me happy that I live in North Carolina right about now, lol.

The party looks like a blast!!! Enjoy!

Janet said...

My concern with the birds isn't so much where they are traveling to, but where they are NOT traveling to. Did you ever notice how many birds try to walk across the street while you drive? It's as if they forgot they were BIRDS and they could FLY.

I wrote a whole post about this once. Truly.

MzAriez said...

Hi Mon.

I went back and caught up on your blog. I'm sorry to hear about you and CP. Big kudos to you for being wise and seeing the red flags. In my early twenties, I don't think I was that wise.

The humping pet story made me laugh. We added another bunny to our family and Makade went hump happy. He didn't care if they were both boys. It really upset my daughter since our little guy was just a baby. So, Makade was neutered and the humping has stopped. Everyone is happy and the vet said Makade will be healthier and probably live longer.

Anyways, take care and keep the chin up!!!!

Much love and many smiles....


Mon said...

Yea, rub it in with the warm weather. Sigh. It is too early. We havn't had accumulation yet, but its only a matter of time.

I get where your comeing from. They even made street signs for the walking birds. Incredible.

Thanks for the encouragement. I just have to stick with it.