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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ready To Get Lost?...

Don't you love our president? He does useless things, like changing the Daylight Savings Time Dates. Why? I think he wants to pretend to care about energy or some shit. So now in March we switch back again, and screw up our systems. What could it possibly change? We can be more like the Europeans? I only like this if we start getting 2 hour lunches like they do. Otherwise, he can shut the fuck up.

What can snap a girl out of a slump better than her favorite obsession making a return to the TV screen? Maybe some hot sex, but then you gotta be in the mood for that too. And I'm in the mood for no such thing. Lost is on tonight! I can hardly wait. I heard they are having like 6 episodes then a long break with a cliff hanger, so watch for me to lose my mind in February if this happens. My second obsession is slowly starting to be Heroes. It reminds me in a way of The 4400. It's got bigger actors in it though. And it's way better than it sounds, I almost didn't Tivo it, but I'm glad I did! That show is pretty awesome! I get the same feeling like I don't want it to end. Why must I love TV so much?

I got my hair done finally. Nevermind that I had to wait 1/2 hour over my appointment time to get started. Some freak took 15 minutes to schedule her next appointment. I know I may tend to exxagerate, but that is the fucking truth.

I sent my friend Katie, (who hasn't jumped on the myspace bandwagon) some links to people we went to school with, for shits and giggles. She in turn, found one of my ex boyfriends on there. This is the guy, that after my last break up, I found on match.com and sent him a message simply to chat, and he totally dissed me. WHAT EVERRRR. He isn't worthy of my smiling face on his friends list. While he was a good lay, that's about all I can say about him. And in my own defense, he was one of the first few select losers I ever slept with, so he might not even be THAT good.

I think the panty Gods have smiled on me, since bitching that Victoria's Secret had no draws in my size last weekend.... I got a coupon for a free panty in the mail. Free. Panty. $10 value. Love it.


Lindsey said...

gotta love freebies!! i got one from there too..keep a eye in cosmo they have freebies from there all the time

supplymadam said...

I don't care if they do away with daylight savings altogether because I hate when it gets dark at 5:00pm plus it's better for kids that come home from school late to not have to come home in the dark.
I like the Victoria Secret panties that they sell 5 for $25.00,they are comfy and all cotton. Not into silk against my sweaty arse.

Hothousemomma said...

nice with the free panties!

Mon said...

maybe thats why all the underwear were sold out when I went? everyone is getting the freebies! jerks!

heck yea, thats what i get, 5 for 25!!! I love them they last forever and don't get stretched out or ruined. I like the cotton too, bikkini or boy short! comfy!

Free is always the bestest