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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Rock Me..Tell it to me tuesday.....

Today's tell it to me Tuesday brought to you by Janet, is

What are your top 10 seventies artists or bands?

Well, fucked if I know. I was born in 1975 so I'm gonna wing it here, and rely on the internet. I searched out some bands and was suprised at what I found! Some of my beloved 80's bands got their starts in the 70's. Awesome!

10. Bob Seger. I remember my mom had his 8 tracks. She had an 8 track player in the car. How bad ass is that? My all time favorite Bob Seger song, is 'Against the Wind'. He's making a comeback, didya know that?

9. I like Blondie, because you can't listen to Blondie, and not get up and disco dance. Not that I really know how to disco dance, but I've watched it on TV.

8. Styx. This was a favorite of my sisters. Mr. Roboto. I remember that album, and how it was like a whole story. The kids today think that stupid band My Chemical Romance, is on the cutting edge with that shit. (King Diamond did this back in the day too, only his was way freakier!) And I can still belt out a Styx song, I have their greatest hits. They rock. The best of times, is when I'm alone with youuuuu.........

7. Chicago. Who knew they were from the 70's? Probably everyone but me. Still, obviously they were pretty good to stick around for so long. Although, I think by the time I was appreciating music, they weren't a band anymore.

6. Eagles. I remember when I was young "Hotel California" was like a demon song to me. It was kinda creepy, cus of not being able to leave, and stabbing it with their steely knives, and not being able to kill the beast. Then there was the prostitute. When you are little, that's a pretty big creep factor.

5. Journey. Some day love will find you. Break those chains that bind you. You know I still love you, though we touched and went our separate ways. If he ever hurts you, true love wont desert you. One night will remind you how we touched and went our separate ways. Need I say more?

4. Queen. I don't think I knew queen until Wayne's World, but what does that matter? They have some pretty sweet tunes.

3. Meatloaf. This was my first grown up concert I went to by myself. You either love him or you hate him, and I loved him. He reminds me of Billy Joel in that the style of music didn't get old for me. I can still jam out to Meatloaf! Favorites? Two out of three, and Objects in the rearview mirror. Plus he was in Rocky Horror, which makes him even cooler.

2. Jimmy Buffet. I pick Jimmy Buffet because I enjoy a good Buffet concert. Any excuse to dress goofy, and get wasted on fruity drinks, is a damn good reason to pick an artist as a favorite. He isn't a favorite as in I don't listen to him other than once a year (and at Cheeseburger in Paradise), but you never meet an asshole at a Buffet concert. Everyone is friends. So, when you fall down the hill and break something, there is always a person to help you up. Plus he loves the manatees. I too....love the manatees. I'm in his save the manatee club, are YOU?

1. Billy Joel. I still love Billy Joel today. His style of music never ages to me. Since I still love him, and can sing the most of his songs, he is my #1. For the longest time, Always a woman, Goodnight Saigon. I liked his older stuff more than say, We Didn't Start The Fire.

What are some of your favorites? Can you remember back that far?


Tayray said...

I know all of those bands you are talking about, but to go all the way back to the 70's???? I was born in 1981 and have a hard time with songs on 80's night!!
But I'll take a wild shot in the dark and say CCR, love em!!! And My dad was always blasting the Rolling stones when I was kid, so do those count?? ha ha

supplymadam said...

Oh my God I love Bob Seger. You have a good list here and these I saw in concert:
Styx-in the 70's
Billy Joel-in the 90's
Queen-In the 70's
Journey in the 70's or maybe the early 80's
I also like Grand Funk and Alice Cooper and Black Sabbeth saw all of those guys too.
Now that I gave away my age.....

Rachel said...

Black Eyed Peas rock today.
Beatles are the all-around legend though, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Now here is a post that I can get down to! This makes me want to turn on the 70's rock station on XM.

I love Billy Joel! But I have to put up my favorite of all time. Elton John. His 70's stuff is still his best. It is amazing how drugs and denying your sexuality can make some great music.

I will also have to say The Steve Miller Band. I have seen them several time and Steve Miller is one ugly dude but still great music!!


Natsthename said...

Can I remember back that far? Ummm. Yeah, I graduated high school the year you were born! LOL.

I like all of those, too, but I got over Journey. Somehow, I just did.

Great list!

Mon said...

Yea, this one was hard, but still some goodies from that era.

I'm so jealous, I'd love to see Billy Joel live. I'll never afford it these days!

Yes, you do love some elton john dont you? I think the only song of his i love is "i guess thats why they call it the blues" now theres a good song!

Ohhh, well if you graduated in 75 thats why your list was way better, thats the best time to love music, high school....lots of memories!

Sayre said...

Come out, Virginia - don't make me wait! You Catholic girls start much too late....

Man - I love The Stranger.