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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Scream Awards...(And Last Night's Lost Episode)..

So, do we all love blogger today, or what?

I'm going to start out with Lost today. Spoilers if you didn't see it. Go to the **** if you have no taste in TV and don't watch.

*****Begin Lost Obsessive talk******
Ok so this week, was even more awesome. First of all, it was fan speculation that it was to be a Kate episode, and it was a Sun/Jin flashback. Oh well, still interesting. More and more I think that the people in the Losties lives have sent them to that island for a reason. They all have issues with someone 'back in the real world' who may think they'd benefit with a little island lesson. Of course, this is only my fourth theory so who knows.

The hydra. Interesting hatch. Fans say there is no way it's underwater and it's all a lie. What else does hydra mean? It was on CSI last night ( I never watch this so I think it's a sign) Hydra was a 7 headed dragon in greek mythology. Maybe that is the new monster previewed next week?

How awesome was it that Sawyer laid one on Kate? Even though, in my heart I know Kate belongs with Jack, the man has some balls. Now, he has them all figured out! Um what the hell Ben/Henry has been on the island his whole life? Obviously, the offspring of the Dharma initiative people? But then as Kat pointed out, that would make Benry 33. He does NOT look 33, he is easily in his mid forties. I think him and Juliette are siblings. They have an odd relationship. "you never made me soup". Freak.

Ok, so the others have access to the outside world. Why ARE they on that island? Did they really send Michael home? Do we trust Benry? Are they going to kill him? Home means different things for different people. Will they really let Jack go if he cooperates? And what does cooperate mean? Lie and hurt his friends like Michael? Are they going to make him operate on someone? Or...could it be that they want Jack to let someone die? Since he has that whole issue with not letting go, and saving people.

It's like he is in rehab or something. It said in EW that the others are animal/human hybrids. What do you think about that? I think it might make perfect sense with the monsters appearing and disappearing. And even more, how 2 men could run to the plane crash site, in "an hour" on episode one when Ben sends Goodwin and Ethan to infiltrate the Losties. You saw how far away they are from the beach. It would also explain why that kid Karl was in the cage when Sawyer was taken there. Maybe he is some sort of hybrid.

It would further explain why Ana Lucia called them animals several times, and Michael did as well. The producers are big with giving you blatent hints to things, but we just don't get it. We try to see more into it than there is. Hmmmm..... Plus, what kind of animal was that making a ruckus when Kate and Sawyer were in the cages?

WTF? I'm pretty mad at Sayid. I am thinking he's on the other's side. There are other 'Other's' per the producers, keep that in mind.

What are the Losties going to do without Jack around to kiss their boo boos?

They seem to be making the losties do things against what they would normally do. Michael was an absent father, once he betrayed his friends for his son, they 'let him go'. Shannon was a spoiled bitch, and once she found love, she died. I think they will make Jack go against what he is wired to do also. Same with Kate and Sawyer, criminals, I think they want them to try and escape, or learn to depend on others, which is not in their nature to do.

*********End lost rambling**************

So, on Spike TV Tuesday night, they had the first annual "Scream Awards". Talk about an awesome fucking show. It was an awards show for horror, fantasy, sci fi and comic books. I loved it! Best death scene, scream queen, best villian. Most memorable mutilation? Hell yea. Right up my alley. We also got to see exclusive scenes from the new Saw III. You can see the trailer at the scream awards site too. Which...might I add, looks pretty bad ass! They had people like Ozzy getting an award for immortal rock, Korn performed, Linda blair was on, Rob zombie, Quentin Terintino. All the usual suspects.

Guess what I do NOT like that I saw on the show? Rob Zombie is remaking Halloween. Ok, there have been a ton of horror movie remakes that I have liked. The Hills Have Eyes. Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The Amityville Horror. There have also been some shitty remakes. When a Stranger Calls. The Fog. The Omen.

You can't replace Michael Meyers. What's next? Nightmare on Elm Street? Do they think they can make Freddy better? Evil Dead? Good luck! Some things are better left alone. I think an excellent movie to update, would be Rosemary's Baby. That is one of my all time favorites too, but you know they can make that Satan rape scene much sicker. Do you all think I'm twisted now? I just love horror flicks.

But Halloween? That is a classic on so many levels, you just can't do that. And not with Rob Zombie. His movies are ok, but he can't touch a movie like Halloween. Ugh, I'm prepared to hate it! Keep an eye out for more scream awards in the future. I'd like to say it's about time someone started giving awards for my favorite genre!


Just Expressing Myself said...

I agree Rosemary's Baby would be a great movie to update. I did not get to see The Omen update - but will as soon as it's out on DVD. I would have loved to see The Scream Awards.
Thanks for stopping in.

Jess said...

I'm starting to think maybe each of the Losties was sent to the island for a specific reason, too. Then again, my theories change about every fifteen minutes. :D

Joshua Xalpharis said...

I heard a rumor concerning the cast of Lost...

They got together during the off-season for a special filming session.

It seems they've already filmed their reunion special in anticipation for it's inevitable cancellation.

Hothousemomma said...

I wonder if that is true about the end of lost. At some point it can only go so far. The flashbacks were intense with sun and jin

Mon said...

I didn't think the omen was that great, it was almost the exact same movie, nothing tweaked about it.

I know how that goes, it changes week to week!

You cant scare an obsessed fan such as myself. I know better!

The producers said it cant go on forever of course, but no way its going to be canceled after 3 seasons, lost will end while its on top, when they want it to end. You just either love it or hate it. Some people are haters.

R said...

I have never been into horror flicks. Suspense films, now that's my bag. In fact I just saw the first Friday the 13th about 2 years ago. I don't even know why I wasn't digging them back in the day.

supplymadam said...

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th and the is a lineup of scary movies on.

Kentucky Girl said...

Remaking Halloween? WTF? How can that be good? HOW? YOU TELL ME!

Mon said...

I have the entire collection of Fridays. Besides Jason X. I also have all the nightmares! They arent as scarey when you are older, but you have to like horror to appreciate their awesomenes!

ohhhh I'm on it!

Kentucky Girl:
they can't do it. It's one of the stupidest ideas I've ever heard. I can't believe John Carpenter is letting them do it.