"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, October 09, 2006

Massacre Monday....

Happy Thanksgiving Canadians! At least, that's what my Hello Kitty calendar says it is today. It's also Columbus Day. It's my last week before I have to pay my taxes or who knows what they'll do to me. Yeah! I love to pay taxes!

It's also my last week in my current office at work. I'm moving by the end of the week. I'm really depressed about it. I hate change. I've only moved 15 times since I've worked here, but I'm really not happy about my new area all alone at the end of the building. Sure, I'll have a window, but what's a window when you dislike your environment? I gotta work on that change thing.

Saturday I spent the day cleaning out the garage. It might seem like I just did that, and you're right, I did. I had to put all the lawn furniture, and the air conditioners in there though so I had to do it yet again. Now my car will fit in there. Since, it's going to start frosting and then the snow will fly before you know it. Brrrr. Speaking of snow, my electric bill was almost cut in half since I got that new line run for my dryer. Obviously it was sucking all the power! Oh yea, I also watched Lost again. For...the fourth time. Shut up, I love it!

I went to see the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre flick with Kat later that night. Loved it. She also bought my movie ticket, so it was like going on a real live date! And I didn't have to put out or anything either! It was awesome! The movie explained how the family got to be so freaking insane in the 2003 Massacre. Lots of blood and gore, and sensless killing. Awesome! There was 5 teenage girls that got up and left cus they couldn't hang. Lightweights. I highly recommend it. It was stressful, like The Hills Have Eyes. It's the best time of year for horror movies. Next one I have to see is Saw III!

Guess what they previewed at the beginning? HORRORFEST! Me and Kat sooo wanna go! Where is the closest fucking theater? Cleveland. Cleveland is a 40 minute drive. They suck pretty bad. Horrorfest is 8 never before seen movies for 1 weekend only. It's a horror fan's dream. Sometimes living in a small town really sucks.

I went to have a couple drinks at the bowling alley with my brother and Kat. We were the only ones there for a while, so the bartender let us have the remote for the TV. It's like the equivilent to sitting in first class or something. Some people Kat works with came to kickit later on. I also noticed that I had a buttload of salt in my hair. Kat did it. I salted her hair first, so it was payback. Then, we put the salt shaker in the back of the cock eyed toilet tank. We're so easily amused. Some asshole made my friend sad so we left. The bartender said who's driving? I said we're walking to the restaurant! The bar closed early any how, at like 1, so we went to the restaurant where my brother works and he made us some food.

Kat passed out and I put a bunch of stuff in her pants and her purse. Kids toys. Like a banana, and car. Messing with your drunk friends is a lot of fun. I had Fried ravioli's and pizza. Now, that's the best thing ever when you are drunk. Not so much when you are watching what you eat. I was bloated all day Sunday. I got home at 4 a.m. and took advantage of my fiance, so that should count as a work out. Sorta.
I bought a new diamond nose screw a week ago on ebay. This one is flat, the one I have now sits up on a mounting, and it's yellow gold. I want white gold. I'm impatient and I want my shit!


Anonymous said...

The cockeyed toilet was awesome. I have pictures of it on my phone. We always have the best time. It's even better remember what you did the next day.


Just Expressing Myself said...

Wow I wish I had been along for the ride.
The nose ring is sweet.
I need to get my best friend drunk and put a banana in her pants - might help her a lot.
Take care,

supplymadam said...

Didn't know that salt could b that much fun. That's too funny. Oh I love horror movies. I love to ge the shit scare out of me. They actually say it's good for your heart to have that kind of excitement.

Hothousemomma said...

Oh the nose screw is cute. I like white gold too. We must be spoiled

Janet said...

But isn't the real Columbus day on the 12th? We just make it whatever Monday fits in best to get a 3 day weekend out of the deal.

Mon said...

yea, is that toilet crooked? or am i drunk?

Kat loved the banana. I wish someone would do it for me!

I believe it! There were a few jumping moments in the movie, and just the general stress of a horror movie you feel, makes it a success for me! I love to worry if they will die.

I think it looks classier than yellow gold. I dunno why. To me, it makes diamonds sparkle more.

yea, its on the calendar twice. All I know is, I had to work so it shouldn't be deemed a holiday if everyone isn't off work.