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Friday, October 20, 2006

Karma Is Your Friend..A Sex Tape Scandal...

I may or may not have ever mentioned that I was a foolish 22 year old, and made an incriminating sex tape with my ex boyfriend. The one that I had the best sex with. The one that was a freak like me. Imagine (or don't if you're scared) the possibilities. It was a shitty relationship, and he cheated on me, and was physically and mentally abusive. Eventually I left, with the help of my good friend Katie. Who..basically gave me no choice in the matter as she took me to pack up my crap to her house. (I owe her forever for that).

But, in all the hustle and bustle, the tape was left behind. This is the ex that I've never completely been out of contact with, Z. So, from time to time he would mention how he watched our tape. I would get mad and want it back. When I was with my last ex, Bubba went with me once to get the tape, and he told me he had destroyed it. Years later, he's still watching it.

So, I hadn't heard from him in over a month. He called me recently. His baby momma found our sex tape. And...watched it. Now first of all I wanted to die, because the thought of anyone else seeing that makes my skin crawl. Second of all, what kind of a stupid asshole watches an entire sex act with their boyfriend and his ex? I think it would take me maybe 10 seconds to have seen enough. I guess some things were brought up about her not being that 'into' sex, and she said that she see's why he said those things to her. She finally put an end to the sex tape, and ripped it up. At least I don't have to think about someone else seeing it again.

Where does the karma come into play? Well, I guess his woman cheated on him. Z told me that he'd always been the cheater, and he apologized for cheating on me, and said that no one should feel the way it makes you feel. He said he deserved to be kicked in the balls for doing it, and I would happily oblige if he were serious. I can't say that it doesn't make me smile, fuck, it makes me laugh hysterically, to know that he finally knows what it feels like. Add to that the fact that he is supporting her like I did him, until she got a job taking her clothes off.

We've been broke up for about 7 years now, and it did take a long time, but look, karma got him in the end. I wasn't able to ever get him back for hurting me, but the rules of the universe did it for me. And, they also had that fucking tape destroyed.

The End.


Adnan adil Zuberi said...

There are a few things in life which requore pateintce.
Karma is not the answer.
Life goes on Is.


supplymadam said...

Good thing that tape finally came to an end. That stinks that he was still watching it.
comment to yesterday's post-
Congrats on the weight loos notice and I totally get the house cleaning and someone else messing it up,totally disrespectful. Maybe that;s why some women go lesbo.

Hothousemomma said...

I'm so glad the tape is gone. We wouldnt want "one night in MON to get out" Yikes..... Karma is like a booomerang

Janet said...

Although karma can be a bitch, isn't it great to hear about how it worked out? Sometimes we just wish karma would take care of things, but never get our answer. Consider yourself lucky.:)

Mon said...

you know, Rosie O'donnell said something on the view about doing scrapbooking, and they said how do you have all this time to do what you do? She said...I have a wife. How true is that? If your gay, you have two wives, imagine the possibilities!

it is a relief. I cried about it when he first told me he still had it years ago! It's dirty to watch that still! I'll never do it again!

True, you usually dont get to hear about how it all comes back on people. I do consider myself lucky!

Chris said...

Blogexplosion hit:

If "karma got him in the end" he would have been gay raped on video and the dude would keep calling him for 7 years saying "I'm watching that tape".

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Mon said...

I like your thinking!