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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Gag Me With A Spoon, TITMT...

Today's Tell it to me Tuesday question from Janet is: What are your top 10 eighties artists or bands?

Now, we're talkin! It was hard to narrow this down to 10 since most things 80's rock, and there are a ton of awesome one hit wonders to rule out. Who doesn't love the 80's? Well...I have a couple of friends who don't love the 80's but what do they know? Their only missing out on the most fun era ever.

10. Metallica - I'm including Metallica because they were big in the 80's for the stoners. I wasn't that into them back in the day. More like I was forced to listen to them cus my brother was a burn out. (ha ha ha) They scared me, and sorta grew on me. Brace yourselves... unlike most people, I started to like them after their Black album (ohhh blasphemy) and now I appreciate all their music. Their freaking awesome, and I've seen them in concert a couple of times, and they are the best live performance and show I have ever seen. I only put them as #10 cus I didn't truly appreciate them til long after the 80's.

9. Belinda Carlisle - I guess I could also include in this, the Go-Go's. Because they were pretty awesome too, but I really liked her solo stuff. I only got $10 a week allowance and she's one of the albums I spent my hard earned money on.

8. Def Leppard - If any song reminds me of my youth, it's Pour Some Sugar on me. And if any song reminds me of my first love, it's Love Bites. God, they don't make em like they use to!

7. Debbie Gibson - I wasn't one of those retards that dressed like her with the biker shorts under skirts, and that stupid ass hat, and I didn't buy her perfume (but I do know that it was called Electric Youth) but I did like her music. One of the many artists that remind me of skating at the Jackson Skatery.

6. Winger - Too bad I was going to marry Kip Winger. I had his hot ass in leather pants on my wall. Oh baby!

5. Paula Abdul - I played 'Straight Up' on the jukebox so many times I think the people at Peppies would have killed me if they could get away with it.

4. Taylor Dayne - I don't know how I didn't wear out my Taylor Dayne tape.

3. New Kids On The Block (NKOTB) - I don't remember ever again in my lifetime being so fanatacal about someone. Oh wait..... there's still Edwin McCain. Nevermind. So they were the first boys I was obsessed with. Oh oh ohhhhh the right stuff. I cried when they won awards. Seriously, I loved them like everyone else loved them. Donnie was my favorite. Hotness.

2. Prince - Who can remember when it seemed impossible to reach 2 thousand zero zero, when the party would be over, oops out of time? He has a billion awesome hits, and unlike my #1 choice I did get to see Prince in concert with my friend Bethie a few years ago. To me, Little Red Corvette was bad to me 'baby your much too fast'. Now? I request of play Pussy Control whenever I am out! My Mom wouldn't let us watch 'Purple Rain' and when I was finally old enough to see it on my own, I still don't know what all the fuss was about.

1. Madonna - I've loved Madonna for as long as I can remember. I was 8 when she broke into fame. I remember my sister had a poster of her on her bedroom door (along with Prince when he was Prince) and all her O ring bracelets on a nail just under the poster. How cool was that? I wanted to be Madonna for Halloween back then, and you wouldn't believe what stupid outfit my mom put me in. It was just a regular crop top and pants. But I got to wear the bad ass lace bow in my hair, and my sisters lace gloves, and bracelets, and of course...lots of make up, wild hair and the mole. We have pictures of me being a mummy, but nothing cool like Madonna. My first tape was Madonna. And the rest is history. Nothing she can ever do will make me dislike her. I love all that is Madonna.

Evita rocked dudes!

Where are you gonna catch me this weekend? 80's night at the Beir Haus. Holla!


supplymadam said...

When my niece was 12 she used to wear her hair in a pony tail on top of her head like Madonna and my husband's friend used to call her "Mini Madonna".

Natsthename said...

The NKOTB were the 80's version of The Jackson Five or THe Osmonds that I loved in the 70's as a young teen! Donnie sure has improved with age, don't you think?

Mon said...

I don't care what anyone says, Madonna totally invented the french twist, and dirty hair!

Oh yea, he is even hotter now!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just had to add! Culture Club! Hands down the best concert I have ever been to and I am straight!

And Duran Duran! Simon is still hot at 50!

And last but not least Bon Jovi! Jon Bon Jovi just keeps getting hotter!


Rachel said...

Metallica and Madonna are awesome, I agree.

R said...

I admit I had the Debbie Gibson perfume. I also had my wall covered in NKOTB gear, and sheets too! I loved Joey and Jordan the best!

Poison was one of my favs....every Rose has its thorn still takes me back!

Mon said...

Did you really say culture club? Am I really your friend? Where did that come from? Culture club? Yea...Bon Jovi they were on Oprah!

Obviously you have good taste.

Great song! My friend Kat was obsessed with Poison!

Janet said...

I loved, loved, loved NKOTB but for some reason, I never associate them with the eighties. If we're being technical though they did come out in 88. I guess the pillows, backpacks and everything else under the sun didn't kick in till a few years later though:)

Oh and Joey was my favorite. Still is!

Hothousemomma said...

I am cracking up about the bands. So children of the 80's. No purple rain?