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Thursday, October 05, 2006

How The Neighbors Pissed Me Off During Lost...

Apparently my neighbor is an alchoholic. No, not you Tayray, although I did think it was you outside making a ruckus last night. I told everyone, don't talk to me at 9:00. Lost is on, the world stops for Lost. But some jack off's were outside yelling. I did what any self respecting neighbor would do, and I paused the TV and turned off my lights so I could spy on them. A tactic I learned from Katie while spying on her gay neighbors. (not that anything is wrong with being gay, but back in high school, that was some interesting shit!)

I just heard "stop drinking" "don't go" "why don't you stop drinking?""don't leave" "why won't you quit?" and a bunch of slamming doors. I also heard their kid saying "daddy" and generally being a whiny kid. I dunno wtf is going on with that dude. Some chick comes every morning and drops a kid off, and then he comes at night to pick it up. I had my windows closed and I still heard the altercation. Next time, shut the fuck up while Lost is on!

***Lost info and spoilers skip to *** if you are one of the10 people who don't like Lost**

Ok, so as soon as Lost was over, I pulled a Locke and said....."I'm gonna need to watch that again" and so...I did! I also rewound the damn beginning in order to see that the book they were reading was Carrie by Stephen King. Which, I find amusing seeing how Stephen King writes a back cover story in Entertainment Weekly and it's often about Lost. Shout out to the King I suppose. Carrie had telekenesis....sort of like Walt. Ok, so I about shit myself when I saw Henry/Ben and Goodwin, and Ethan come out of those houses. All I could think of was Walt telling Michael last season about the others "They're pretending." Why, yes they are.

Was Jack's dad really at an AA meeting? I'm thinking that was something to do with the others. I have a feeling about that...Could be nothing but it could be something he signed Jack up for, to get taken to the island? With this show, you never know! The find of the night? There is a girl in the cell with Jack when he is in the aquarium. I didn't see it in the show, but in the galleries on the official ABC website. He is laying there, and a little girl is with him. What. The. Fuck.

And how about those animal cages they put Sawyer and Kate in? If you did any of the Lost Experience this summer, you know that the Dharma initiative did some testing with a 100 year old orangutan (sp?) named Joop. And that the 'numbers' have to do with the end of human exisitance. Remember Walt saying "they make me take tests?" I wonder if that was referring to what Kate was going to have to do for 2 weeks to make her life miserable? And that Zeke dude told Kate she isn't 'his type'? Kate is every man's type. Unless you're gay. Or prefer animals. I felt pretty sorry for Jack this episode. He really fucked up his life with Sarah. And my heart melted when all he wanted to know, was if the love of his life was happy now. There is speculation in the message boards that Sarah's affair is an 'other'. That came up this summer.

How about when the earthquake happened in the beginning? We all know that was when Desmond didn't push the button. But didn't the others seem like it was business as usual? They all looked right up to the sky and waited for a plane to show up. They didn't seem the least bit suprised that one was crashing on their island, did they? And...should we feel sorry for Kate, Jack, and Sawyer? Or, have they in a sense been rescued? The bears, the other mentioned are obviously the polar bears....and that means their really smart polar bears. And the shark in the ocean? WTF? What did they inject them with? Will Kate be pregnant? All I know is, hurry up Wednesday!

***End of obsessive Lost topic***

Other than the best night in television, last night was not exciting. I went to aerobics, after having a non-fun discussion with CP and missing an extra 30 minutes of workout as a result. Then he wasn't home when I came home and that was nice, I got my nightly crap done, fed the animals, fed myself. The man told me that he has anxiety latley. Normally, I wouldn't make light of such a thing, because just about everyone I know suffers from some sort of mental ailment. But he's using it as an excuse for why he is a money disaster. Why he doesn't want to talk. Why everything. He says he is taking tylenol pm for it. Because it works. I said um, I think that makes you sleep, and if you really have something wrong you should see a Dr. I really can't believe that a year ago at this time I was so happy, on my road to being engaged. My, how things change.


Tayray said...

I totally thought you were talking about me at first. I was thinking, what kind of a ruckus did I make last night? Most guys don't like to talk, they keep things bottled up inside. He'll come around, hang in there!

Just Expressing Myself said...

Thanks for stopping by - I so know what you mean about the buffets. I had an aunt used to bring a shopping bag with her. The restaurant would lose it all - glasses, flatware, match books, LOL she was a trip without luggage in a paisley mumu.
Take care,

Janet said...

I sure hope you Lost fans get some answers this year. God knows you need them.:)

supplymadam said...

Nothing like a good old fashioned neighborhood fight to stir things up. I feel bad for that kid that is at the mercy of these losers.

Hothousemomma said...

lost is starting to tick me off. What are they doing? It was good. but wtf

diane said...

Ohhhh, another Lostie fan here! I used to have my girl friends come over on Wednesday nights to watch with me, but that is no longer allowed, since everyone talked too much and we kept missing things. ;)
I thought last night was a great start for season 3--there were some answers hinted at (Juliette makes it sound like they are descendents of or somehow connected to the Hanso missions, we know what really happened btw Jack & Sarah) and yet many things still a mystery in true Lost style.
Hooray! I'll be stopping by your blog on Thursdays now that I found it! :)

R said...

I would have done the same thing with the neighbors....I'm slightly nosey like that myself!

Mon said...

lol i would have opened the window and told you to keep it down cus I'm rude like that.

All you can eat...doesnt mean for the whole day. ha ha

We're spose to...my favorite thing in the world is trying to figure it out though. I'm gay like that.

Isn't that always the way? A kid stuck in the middle.

We're going to find out what the others are doing there in this 6 episodes. That's what the producers said in the podcast.

Welcome! It's an addiction, right? That is what I'm thinking....she said that was a long time ago (dharma) but didnt say she was one, or who they all were. I'm thinking either their them, and never aged (the shots) or their the kids since they seem to steal the children! I felt soo bad for Jack.

diane said...

I think they are the children of Dharma, and the older people have just been recruited into the community as other folks land on the island.
By the way--HILARIOUS--kitty meatloaf! I use that phrase all the time for when they hunker down all pissed off!!