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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Murder on My Mind.....

Did you miss me? I missed you. I was couped up in an off-site meeting all day. Discussing our future as a business. It was pretty interesting, we are going to start selling some of our product exclusivly to big box stores. A new line. The up or down side of that depending on how you look at it is that we are not branding our product. Good, because dealing with live plants, half the time the big stores don't care for them, and they look like shit and that can give us a bad name. Bad, cus when people realize how wonderful we are, they wont know it's us. But if I'm being honest, you probably buy either our own genetics, or one of our brokers every year for your garden. Yea. We're pretty important.

I dreamt that I was almost killed last night. You know how usually there are people you think are your friends or you think you are at home but it wasnt really your home or friends? This happened in my apartment, the day my Mom and Sister came to visit me. I got new neighbors where Tayray lives, and they had an all night party and being the bitch I can be, I called the cops on them. So, they stabbed me in the heart. I blame this on Lost. If you watched it you know why. But, I didnt die. I hung out my whole dream waiting on the cops to come save me, but I never died. I got around with a knife in my chest. Fucking neighbors.

Now....time for LOST! ********Spoilers **********

Holey shit what an episode. As usual, I had to watch it twice. I also had to pay my fucking cable bill because they shut me off. On LOST night. Assholes!

The stuff I noticed was the #8 on the bunny, the numbers on the prisoners uniforms, were all "the numbers". The island the others are on, doesn't make sense. In episode one, it shows that the plane crashed on the island they were all on. And, when the Losties were on their island, how come they can't see the other one? Something isn't right there. Especially since Benry said they are better con men.

All I could think of was "I pet the rabbits George" when Sawyer was reading of mice and men. When benry shook that bunny to 'death', I could have killed him. (I have two bunnies lest we forget!) Sawyer seemed mighty concerned. "Did you kill that bunny?". Only sensetive people call rabbits bunnies. Obviously they are doing some sort of tests on the rabbits. Juliette is a fertility Dr.? Rabbits? Fucking like rabbits? Hello? Plus, an episode last season was called "White rabbit" remember? And, that was reference to the episode title. Also, Kate said "live together die alone" to Sawyer, which we all know was last season's season finale title.

One I can't take credit for noticing, is the tidbit about the 8 on the bunny from Stephen King's book on writing. See it here.

Who do you think has the tumor? Benry? I think its gray beard. Benry is too obvious a choice. I also think they don't want help. They probably want to quit their miserable existance on that island. But then, isn't Benry quite tolerant? I mean, they almost killed him last season, and this season he's gotten knocked around, and yet, he hasn't snapped yet. Of course, I think he's a freaking loon, but what do I know?

Did you catch Benry saying they had a sub? "The sub is back and we have a situation". This is how those freaks got on the boat with Jin, Sayid, and Sun, without getting wet.

What about this statement from gray beard? "It's been two days since the sky turned purple, we've been blind, my coms are down and I can't get 'em back up again, and in case you forgot, Colleen's in critical..." Interesting that he said the sky turned purple. Not, 'the explosion' or 'the EMF imploded'. Maybe they don't have a clue what's going on either?

Desmond knows the future. I can't wait to see how this pans out. Innnnteresting. And, I'm not loving the new losties their introducing. I hope it's only so they can be killed off. They are horrible actors. Who do you think the pirate is in the previews? I think Radzinsky (sp?). You know, the button pusher before Kelvin, that blew his brains out supposedly.

Don' t forget, only 2 more episodes til it's off for 3 months. Thanks to all the whiney ass bitches who complained about re-runs, now we have to go without it as to not piss anyone off. Thanks. Assholes. I'll be re-watching the 6 episodes. Diligently.


EC said...

Um, can I laugh at that dream? I know it must have been scary, but when you put it in print, I have to admit I chuckled, lol.

supplymadam said...

Yes that was a wild dream. Sounds like Pulp Fiction.
Dreams are wierd.

Jess said...

I'm really digging the developments with Desmond. I can't wait to see where they take it.

I didn't like this week's episode as much as last week's, but the preview for next week looks insane. :)

Hothousemomma said...

what is with all the violence? I'm loosing interest.

Just Expressing Myself said...

I have to see this show at least once because of all I've read here.
Sending good vibes your way.
You always seem to be working.
Take care,

Mon said...

Until it comes true, it's a funny dream!

They are weird. I don't like them especially waking up alone and afraid, and having to pee.

Me too. Desmond is going to have a big part I think. I thought a lot of interesting things happened, next week does look good. Any episode with Locke is a good one!

I think maybe it is to show that the 'others' aren't like the losties. but then, Pickett beat up Sawyer. We're suppose to get our big cliff hanger in two weeks, everything will change. oooooh.

It's really awesome, it makes you think....Sometimes I like to think, if it's about like, a TV show or something.

Janet said...

I havent watched Lost for awhie now but man, that hiatus came fast, didnt it?

Mon said...

It's cus of so many complaints of weeks of repeats then a new one, then repeats, then new ones. They plan to have the hiatus all at once, so they can play the rest of the new episodes back to back thru the season.