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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Locke Is Back!...

****Lost spoilers from last night*****
I dunno what to even say about last night's Lost episode. Me? Speechless? Believe that. Locke is one seriously mysterious dude. You know, season one he shows up all bad ass, and hunts the polar bears, and boar. Boards the plane in a wheelchair, and now, he is walking around. Cured by the island. We all assume this but having seen his past, do we maybe think he was faking it? Maybe? Then the island gets hold of him and turns him into some button-pushing pansy. All of a sudden, he is 'talking to the island'. The hatch implodes, he survives, and goes into a sweat hut to see drug induced hallucinations? On purpose? Isn't that some sort of indian crap? Anyone wonder how on earth they survived the implostion? See that hole? First....the plane crash and now the implosion. I think that our Losties may be superhuman.

And...the polar bear den. Ok, so how does a polar bear get people into its cave, with toys? I'm sure a kid is going to hold on to that truck when being dragged by a bear to its death? The only logical explanation is, either the bear is a human and lured people to his cave. Or, the bear was the kid who owned that truck? I'm sticking with the whole 'others are animal hybrids' thing for a while now. Same with the time warping stuff...the others are trying to stop the end of the world, or the valezenian equation (I butchered the spelling) as uncovered in the Lost Experience.

What about last night's easter eggs, did you catch them? I think they were obvious. All the people in Lockes hallucination, the old melted truck in the polar bear den, the hole/hatch. Not so obvious, the DOB differences on Locke's gun permit being 11/15/46, and his liscense saying 5/30/56. The old dharma initiative symbol in the bear cave. All the bones. The numbers on the undercover cops I.D. 84023....some of 'the numbers'. The same guy had on a Geronimo Jackson Tshirt, remember Charlie and Hurley found their music in season 1 in the hatch.

Eko's stick has new writing. "Lift up your eyes and look North". What the hell does this mean? Who knows. But they showed it intentionally. Desmond can see the future. How cool is that? First when he said he heard Locke give that speech, I thought of that book The Bad Twin. Maybe Locke has a twin? Maybe thats why he was so different last season, and now is back to normal? Maybe Hurley was on to something "Your not going to turn into the Hulk are you?" Maybe the implosion will give them super powers. It wasnt very clear as to how Hurley knew the hatch was gone before being told either.

The other that is known as 'Zeke' or long beard...looked an awful lot like the pot farmer didn't he? Clearly, this wasn't on accident. But Locke has met him in the jungle on the island, so if it were the same person, clearly he would know. Other than that, I see next week the producers make good on their promise that Kate 'must choose between Sawyer and Jack'. If this means that one of them dies. I might have to die too. Unless it's Sawyer. Jack is my hero.
********End Lost*********

I was sitting at work last night before working out and my coworker said those magic words. "Have you lost weight?". Six months later someone notices. It's like pumping heroin into my veins. Love it. I just gotta keep on keepin on. By the way my other coworker never came to aerobics last night. Only 5 people came. Bunch of slackers.

CP came over last night to watch Lost, but he left right after. It's pretty freaking weird. But, you know what? I cleaned my house on Friday, and it's still clean. And, there is no junk food in my cupboards. I got alot done too, gave the dog a bath, dishes, mopped the kitchen, cleaned the freezer, filled the ice bin, swept, cleaned cat hair off everything, changed litter boxes, a load of laundry, and did my nails. And the best part is, when I go home, the house will look the same way. And, I'll have ice cubes. I love my freaking ice cubes. But, I'm the only one who knows the secret recipe. Apparently.

Is it pathetic that I am so anal about having things clean? Do other people really give a shit? I just hate the fact that I bust my ass to clean and the next day it's a pig stye. It is like blatent disrespect of all my hard work. I spend an entire Saturday cleaning. And by Monday, you'd never know it. Thanks Mom, for instilling that in me. I know I didn't develop this on my own. And you know, it's always the Mom's fault.

I noticed on Oprah...that they traveled on their road trip near my damned house. Wanna know why no one heard about it? They visited the Amish. They keep to themselves. They were in Fredricksburg, a hop, skip, and a jump away. Of course, when I go to Amish country, I go to Applecreek, or Sugarcreek, or the Swiss Village. I've never been where they went. Do the amish live in the mid-west and west coast's? Or, are they all over here with us East coasters? I guess I never thought of it, cus we see them all the time, they're all over.


Jess said...

I had such a blast with last night's Lost. I've missed the badass Locke. Thanks for pointing out a few of the Easter eggs. I totoally missed the differences in Locke's date of birth, as well as the new passage on Eko's stick. I need to start wearing my glasses when I watch.

EC said...

I don't watch Lost - I tried, I really did, but I just don't get the shows that deal "with something in the jungle" lol.

Isn't it just the absolute BEST when someone finally notices you're losing weight!!! I love it!

Mon said...

I obsess about it. I can't tell you how many times i watched the scene when locke was hallucinating in slow-mo. Thats how you notice the good stuff, like the scenes in the smoke monster!

I think their people/animals in the jungle.
Yes! it is nice, because you notice every little thing and it takes forever for other people to notice.

Celina said...

I LOVE when people notice, and comment about losing weight! It gives you that little extra "oomph" to keep it up!
Amish do also live in the midwest (we saw them all over Minnesota and Wisconsin).
And, as for the housecleaning, yes, Yes, and YES!! That's my saturday thing, too, and I hate that by Monday (R is off work Sun & Mon) the house looks like $#!* again! At least you get a little break from your guy sometimes! R is ALWAYS here! Oh, I could go on and ON about this, but it's a beautiful day and I don't want to start it out like that! :)

Mon said...

yes, it is nice that he works second shift. Cept that hes gone now for the most part. not so hard just yet. But i know what you mean, when he was off work and i worked 2 jobs. I could have killed him.