"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, April 10, 2006

The Root Of All Evil...

Work time already. I'm overjoyed. Bleh. It's gonna be 60 degrees today! Break out the bathing suits already! I got my lawn furniture out. I didn't clean it, but it's progress! Nevermind the fact that my blog looked retarded for a day. I didn't ever save any changes I made so I dunno how it went to a default template, that I never used before. All should be right now. Sheesh!

I spent my Sunday renovating the bunny condo. I took a foot of space from their home. The thing is so massive, it was 6ft wide by 3 ft high. All kinds of levels and spots to sleep. I've been letting them out into a penned area during the day so they didn't need that extra foot. It made a big difference in the room.

I also lost about 4 hours trying to learn photoshop. What did I learn in those 4 hours? I learned that I need to buy a friggin book if I ever think I'm going to learn anything. I read a lot of the help screens, but I need to start with the basics. It sounds like something I'd love to use every day for different things, if I could only get it to work. I gave myself 30 days to produce something worthwhile before I spend the $ on the program. I just downloaded a 30 day trial. I also got the Image ready program along with it.

I talked to my brother Saturday night. He is alive!!! I also broke my sweeper. Remember my fit of rage last wknd? Well it's broken for real now. I can't live without a freaking sweeper. 1 day and my house is over run with cat and bunny hair!!!! I can use the hose but it will only suck in the upright position. Ok, that sounded wrong.

Have an interesting question about money. If you are married and/or living with someone, how do you share the expenses? I feel everything should be split down the middle for living expenses. (rent, utilities, cable etc...) And then you pay your own bills on your own. (credit cards, car payment) And, if someone makes more than the other, should they have to pay more because of it? How is it fair for someone to pay 70% of the bills because they work harder, and make more money? I just wonder how other people do it. Chances are if you make more money you also have more bills, like myself. CP has no bills. I have a few, plus living expenses. My vote is for 50/50 fair and square. That is how me and CP do it. I think it's the only fair way that someone can't get mad that you spend $70 to get your hair done, or you want to blow $60 on candles!


Anonymous said...

Share the expenses 50/50, no matter who makes more money.

hot for jr. said...

split them 50/50. It is a hard thing to call, but that is the only fair way to do it.

Anonymous said...

My fiance and I split the housepayment. He pays all the electric, phone, gas and trash and all of his bills. I pay the cable and buy all of the household items like groceries, pet food, etc., and I pay all of my bills. I make way more than him and it has never been a problem with us if I blow $100 at Target for no good reason!

Celina said...

R & I have a set "budget" so that we know that we will put a certain amount of his paycheck into the bank for bills. The remaining $$ is all his (for lunches, gas, etc). My paychecks are direct deposit into the bank. So, we split up the bills into "weeks" then we decide how much of the "remainder" we will put into savings and how much we will allow ourselves to spend. Honestly, I don't spend much money (just gas, and when we eat out together) so I don't need "my own" money. Currently, R makes mroe than I do, but by next summer (when I finish school & start a REAL job) I will probably be making MUCH more than him...I think as long as we can compromise on who spends what. After 2 years of living together and truly SPLITTING bills/rent, we realized that we'd be better off just putting EVERYTHING TOGETHER. 3 years later, we're still going good (even paying off our debt)!! Of course, a bigger paycheck (when I get that REAL job) will really come in handy!
Sorry my comment got so long, but I have a LOT to say about money!! :)

Mon said...

I guess it's an individual choice. Whatever works for each person. I just have never been loose with money. I'm stingy, but that's also why I have money.