"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Hello, I'm My Mother....

It's funny when you find yourself acting like your Mom. Theres lots of things that I have come to do over the years, that I said I never would. Folding the towels a certain way. Cleaning all the freaking time. The latest is this. I went to Home Depot on Saturday, and I was looking at all the different bird feeders, because I needed another one. A guy who worked there told me they were coming through with a tow motor. Ok, I moved my cart over to the side, the guy said I'm not sure if he can make it, maybe he can. Then the other worker comes maneuvering past me backwords on the tow motor. Before I could stop myself I say "Hey, that's pretty impressive maneuvering."


Yes, only my Mom would have said something like that to a complete stranger. And, the fact that I went there in the first place, to buy a second bird feeder cracks me up. I use to make fun of my mom for watching the birds. I made my lunch Saturday, after making my new little bird area at the edge of the woods, and ate outside. Just to watch the birds. For an hour. When I woke up this morning, I watched two cardinals, a male and a female, jump from branch to branch in the trees, and to the bird feeder for about 20 minutes before I realized I was doing it.

Anyways, I cleared out a cute spot at the edge of the woods, moved my bird feeders, and my bird bath all in the same area. I poured some rocks around it, and put some garden statues, and my little mini bench, and a potted plant. It's like a little birdie's paradise. Ah, rocks. I have started collecting rocks from places that I go too. I think I also got that from my mother.

What's happened to me?


hot for jr. said...

I think you got the rock collecting from your sister!! Just don't try to sell them to the neighbors and you'll be all right!! I'm still collecting rocks, just prettier rocks with healing properties. Some habits are hard to break!!

supplymadam said...

Oh it is amazing how we are "so our mothers". But then again who else would we be?
Sounds like you have a nice relaxing setup there to sit and unwind.

Mamma said...

Yes, but have you sat at a light next to a policeman and asked him if you could go ahead of him when the light turned green cuz you were in the wrong lane.??? Or called poison control at 4am cuz you swallowed an inhaler pill and they laughed at you.?? Your day is coming.. I only have one rock left from places I have been and that is from Charlie Swabb mansion in Pa. I use it as a paperweight on my desk.

Mon said...

Jr: Yea, at least I'm not selling my rocks. But if anyone wants one, just make an offer! I got a bunch from Lake Erie last summer!!

supplymadam: It cracks me up because I can remember saying a billion times, ILL NEVER DO THAT!
Yet, here I am.

Momma: No, not yet, but I did sit on the sidewalk with you at the beach and sing Christmas Carols. So, it's only a matter of time.