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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Where Were You?...

I'm watching Grey's Anatomy Season 1 again, cus it's on DVD now. One of the questions Meredith asked potential roomates, was "where were you when the challenger blew up" to eliminate candidates that were too young.

I remember where I was, I was in third grade, at school. I also remember watching it on TV at the school. My school would have been shut down for showing us something like that in today's world! For God's sake don't let kids see how the world really is! But, go ahead and watch women be objectified, and treated like whores on any old channel, any old day.

I also remember when Princess Diana died. I was camping with Bubba and her ex, and my ex husband. We were with a group of older people, drinking and partying. (I was 21, kids!) We watched it on TV in the RV. (ok, I realize this isn't real camping!) It was a buzz kill needless to say!

Where were you on 9/11? I was at work. I remember hearing my boss say that a plane hit the world trade center, and I thought, wow that's too bad. I had no idea what the world trade center even was. I'm sheltered to most worldy news. I knew it was big, but it didn't register. We all gathered in our lunch room, and watched it on TV. That made it all real. TWDSO had to get on a plane the next day to come home from job training. That was when I loved him, so I was scared. Mostly I remember how quiet it was with no planes flying. How everyone everywhere, seemed to be in the same state of mind. It was definately something no one can ever forget.

I remember the gulf war, scared the shit out of me. So much that I dedicated 3 pages in my journal to the fact that we were all going to die! These are crazy times!

It's interesting how certain events have such an impact on your life. For my mom it was "where were you when Kennedy was shot" or "where were you when elvis died?".

It's a beautiful day! I'm going on a walk for lunch with my friend Dusty. I get to go out after work for veggies from the produce store, that is open! Yay! Cheap stuff! I caught some cat eating my cat mint this morning, I saw him through my laundry room window. He didn't put in on that shit! He can't be eating it!


Tayray said...

I have no idea where I was when the challenger blew up or where I was when Princess Diana died. However, I do remember 9/11. I was working at a bank, and they locked us in the builiding. They wouldnt let us outside to smoke or let us go home. We werent allowed to use the phones. They kept us prisoner's. The president of the bank was escorted to his car, to go home for the day.
I did meet someone from NY that 9/11 was her birthday, and had she not called off that day, she would of been on the subway, right by the trade center.

supplymadam said...

Who doesn't remember where they were on 9/11? I was home after foot surgery sitting on my couch when they interupted what I was watching and first I thought it was an accident. My husband was off that day. He was off on Tuesdays and I called him to look and the first thing he said was "terrorists" As we watched then the 2nd plane hit. Of course like the rest of the country I was glued to the TV for about 2 weeks.
I rememember I was 5(yeah I'm old)
when Kennedy was shot and I remember my dad crying. I was out when Princess Diana was killed and came home put on the news and first heard it. I don't remember where I was when the Challenger blew up.

Torie said...

I was a freshman in college on September 11th. I had a history class that morning, and the professor refused to break away from the syllabus and discuss what was actually going on in the world. Then I went to work at a preschool full of children with millions of questions about what they had seen while watching the news that morning with their parents. They each got extra hugs that day.

Mon said...

Tayray: The challenger might have been B.T. (before Tayray.
Supplymadam: Old is merely a state of mind, right?!
torie: What a jackoff professor!