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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It's Coming! It's Coming!...

I said IT'S COMING, pervs.

I tracked my Edwin CD, and it is arriving TODAY! A full 6 days before the official release! I am not taking my lunch break, until it has arrived, and I can go home and collect my goodies! I got a cute new girl T-shirt too. You gotta have them special for girls, cus when you wear regular T-shirts, and you got big boobs, it looks like you are wearing a tent. I don't need help looking like a tent, so I'll take my girl T-shirt thanks!

Yea, so everyone who didn't pre-order in the Edwin fan group, is pretty jealous now. They told us we wouldn't get it til after the release date. Who's laughing now, bitches?????

What else is coming? Employee appreciation week! It's in two weeks. We get a whole week at work to be appreciated by our managers. We have prizes and games, and a cookout, and a desert bar, and a raffel! How much fun is that?

Easter is coming too. All I want for Easter, is Starburst jellybeans. It's the only thing worth eating until you puke. Mmmmm. It's also a time for bunny advocacy, which I'll do in due time! Don't anyone run out and buy bunnies for Easter in the meantime. They are a ton of work, read my blog!

Speaking of bunny greatness, my Chelsea bear is doing perfect! She is a new bunny. Now, she hangs out in the living room with us for play time, vs. running in and out of their room. She also has taken to chasing the cats, which is hilarious. She scares them, and when they run away she's like "what the fuck? I wanted to snuggle!" And watching her run is hilarious on its own...she has floppy lopsy ears that bounce! She's rotten! But you can't get mad at a bunny, their too freaking cute!

Snow is also coming! It snowed a bit last night! April showers bring May flowers! Those showers include snow here in Ohio. Land of the 'you never know wtf the weather will do'.

And lastly, this weekend I am going with Kat to an open house for Bath & Body Works. We get to go early, have breakfast, and laugh at people who aren't allowed in cus they aren't cool! We also get some free stuff, and get to try out the new Spring line. I dunno how Kat is always in the know about these things, but she is.

Havn't had a stupid exhaustion story in a while so here goes. Last night I let the dog out, cleaned her eyes, put her ointment in them, gave her her 2 nightly pills, her treat, got myself a glass of water, and went to get a nice hot bath. *ahhhhhhh* CP came in about 15 min later and asked if I knew that I left my dog tied up in the kitchen. Uhhhh, no I didn't thanks! Her chain comes inside so while I did all the right things, I forgot to unhook her and let her free.

Anyone else screwed up by this time change? It happens every year, but it never gets any easier does it? It's also my first full week back working 2 jobs. No more nights off, and no more working a few hours. We're back on track, and it's really catching up with me!!!!

Catch Kenny Rogers on American Idol? Is it just me or did he look wrong? He had some work done!


Mamma said...

I have seen Kenny on infomercials and he is almost unrecognizable. I thought it was just old age and puffiness like Billy Crystal.. but you may be right..

hot for jr. said...

I'm jealous that you are getting a sneak peek to Edwin's new stuff. If you were a good sister and really loved me, you would burn me a copy and overnight it to me so I didn't have to wait to get my own copy. :-)

Mon said...

Momma: he had a face lift. No doubt about it! He was old when I was young and in love with him! He didn't have any wrinkles! Don't let me get that way!
JR: I'm a good sister anyways! It's at home and I can't get it til I slave away at job 2.