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Friday, April 07, 2006

I'm Just A Bill, Sitting On Capital Hill....

Has anyone been following the Cynthia McKinney case? A little background:

...Cynthia McKinney accused a Capitol Police officer of "inappropriate touching" on Friday as rumors flew around Capitol Hill that the Georgia Democrat would be arrested for her role in a bizarre physical altercation.
"This whole incident was instigated by the inappropriate touching and stopping of me, a female black congresswoman. I deeply regret that this incident occurred and I am certain that after a full review of the facts, I will be exonerated," McKinney said at a press conference at Howard University.
While McKinney asserted her innocence, her lawyer said she was "just a victim of being in Congress while black. ......

The full story is on Fox news. It's the hot topic on talk radio. (yes, I'm getting old) They played her interview on CNN the other day, where she did everything to deflect questions about what happened. She didn't want to mention that she hit an officer. Just that she was singled out because she is black.

She said, that she got a new hair 'do and didn't have on her identifiying pin to get into her job on capital hill. Regardless of why she believes she was stopped, I can't imagine what would happen if I, average Jane in Ohio, hit a police officer. That is the issue. We have terrorists in the country, we should all be glad that they stop anyone they do not recognize from going into one of our government buildings. I'd be happy if they stopped someone going into the shitter. I don't wanna die. Check my ID. I don't care!!! Yesterday, she apologized for making it a big deal. Can you say...trying to save her ass?

I think that anymore, we can't do anything, or say anything without offending people. There are also 2 schools that have banned wearing anything patriotic, including camoflauge, because it upsets other students. Um....hello, this is A-M-E-R-I-C-A. If it upsets you to see something patriotic, go somewhere that hates this country as much as you do. We need more patriotism here, I don't really see that as a bad thing. Things are just getting out of control anymore. We don't really have freedom of speech, or expression. Why? It's upsetting to other people.

TGIF! Job 2 was weird last night. There was 10 of us working. Use to be 23. They said more layoffs are coming. We lost a big job, and we are losing all the medicare that we do, which is two jobs. I guess I can thank George Bush for that one. Asshole. Total of around 30 people lost their jobs Wednesday.

Chelsea has turned into a carpet licker/muncher. While this is OK for those of the lesbian persuasion, it is not OK for bunnies. Like I really need her to get blocked up and stop crapping again? I dunno what I'm gonna do with her. She needs constant supervision now when she is out to play. KIDS!

I did something wacky to my shoulder this week. I think I slept on it weird. But it makes my entire arm go numb to my finger tips if it's sitting still. Who told me it was OK to start getting old and have aches and pains? Cus they need to be shot. Unless it's me.


Rachel said...

my buns love the carpet too. they know they're not supposed to. i've given them blankets to rip apart instead. they don't seem to "eat" them as much. Plus, I give them grass mats (from Cost Plus/World Market), and they love those. Baskets help too. With the mats, you can stick them under a table or something so they have some resistance when they tug on it.

theMike said...

It's an extremely thin line that is walked with freedom of speech. The "patriotic americans" freedoms keep getting taken away for other's freedoms. Which is total and complete bullshit. If freedom of speech, religion and expression were actually observed, I would have the right to offend everyone, and they would have the right to complain about it. But nothing would be done so long as no physical threats were made or perceived.

Imagine a country in which your neighbor could fly his iraq flag, burn american flags, tell you he hates america, and you could retort by telling him that he could leave if he doesn't like it, and both of you have the same rights. That is how America is set up.