"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, April 24, 2006

I'm Barely With It Today....

Mondays come faster every freaking week. Ugh! Allergies. Bah! Eyes. Tired. Need. Sleep. Friday at work Bethie won a freaking MP3 player. And a $25 gift card to Kohls. Last year she won the digital camera prize! She buys our lotto tickets, and we aren't millionaires yet. What the fuck is up with that?

Saturday night we had the first fire of the season. Tayray and DB (who is Tayray's boyfriend) came over. I'm pretty sure DB had been hitting the bottle long before we got together. He tried to cook hot dogs on top of the fireplace in plastic. I went inside to find my battery charger for my camera so I could take some pictures, and when I came out, they had a can of chili dog sauce open on top of the fireplace, and hot dogs wrapped in foil. Cus, I guess we were pretending we didn't live in the age of electricity, so we couldn't use the microwave.

Tayray brought out a big box of stuff from her ex. Pictures, love notes. We burned them. It was a lot of fun!! We even had a pic of all of our exes, Bubba's too. Burned it. The funnies thing about that was, the boys said you need to hold on to things to remember. THE BOYS said this. I said, you have your mind to remember. You don't need those things. When you aren't with someone anymore, why remember the good things about your relationship? If it turned out bad, fuckit!

We were listening to some old tunes, which brought me to think about a Milli Vanilli song that I could only humm. I got online Sunday and downloaded it. It's 'Girl I'm Gonna Miss You' for what it's worth. Then, I stayed on Kazaa for 3 hours. I downloaded all these songs that were popular when I was in high school. Talk about a good time!

Me and Kat walked the towpath trail Sunday. We didn't have a friggin' camera. But we found a quarter sized turtle. Probably dead but I kept saying that we saved its life, by putting it back into the canal. We saw beaver houses too, a couple of them. And ducks. We went 4 miles, cus we kick freakin' ass!! It wasn't too bad! Then we walked to get peanut butter crunch ice cream. Mmmm. And walked around downtown, looking in the windows, wishing the shit was open to a couple antique stores! Sat on the porch of one store in the rocking chairs. We went into the teddy bear shop which was actually pretty cute. Saw that we have a Thai restaurant there too. We're gonna try to go every weekend. It was a good time.

I got poison ivy. It wouldn't be right if I was outdoors and didn't catch it. It's my thing. Only I'm pretty sure it happened from working out in my own yard. I was digging around in the woods. So far it's only on one finger. We got the screw on Desperate Housewives, and Grey's Anatomy. Recap shows. If you don't fucking watch it, thats your fucking fault! Stop with the catch up shows! This Wednesday, Lost......A CATCH UP SHOW! Bastards!!!!!!

Is it just me, or did blogger suck cock today? It only took me 5 hours to publish a post. Maybe I shouldn't complain, but then I wouldn't be me.

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