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Friday, April 14, 2006

I Have A Phd. In TV, That's It....

So, my bunny Chelsea is sneezing a lot. That means she isn't 100% better. So I called the vet and got more meds, she'll be on it for three weeks this time. Then she has to go back to have her trear ducts flushed, and a re-check. I went to pick up her medicine, which is the same thing she was just on for 10 days, it cost $86!!! It's $4.30 PER DOSE! HUH? My dog's itching pill is $4/pill and she only takes 1/2 a day! Can you start to see why it is that I really work two jobs?

That's not the best part. The tech asked if I needed an ice pack for the medicine. I asked "it needs to be refrigerated?" Yes. She thought that the 10 minute drive back to work was pushing it, so she gave me an ice pack. Lemme fill you in on something, I never put Chelseas medicine in the fridge last time I got it. It doesn't say to on the label. I don't get the original bottle, they measure out the dosage and put it in a different one. So, I bet that is why she had all those stomach problems, and got sick again. Her antibiotics probably didn't work. I know all about Clamavox for cats. Been there, done that. Now I know all about Cipirofoaxin for bunnies. You live. You learn. I am glad she didn't get more sick over it.

I'm not a Dr or a pharmacist, but I watch them on TV.

Who doesn't write 'keep refrigerated' on things that should be refrigerated? I'm smart enough to do that mkay?

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Celina said...

uh oh! Yeah, almsost all antibiotics should be refrigerated (especially liquid). Hope the little girl feels better soon!