"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thank You Easter Bunny! (Bawk Bawk)

This is by far my favorite Easter joke going around. The house rabbit society has a campaign called "Make Mine Chocolate". Visit the page to learn more about how many bunnies are abandoned after Easter, and how you can help. They are cute, and cuddly and may seem like great gifts, but they are living creatures, that require a LOT of care!! They have special diet needs, and housing requirements. They aren't always kept at shelters, because most places don't know how to care for bunnies or have the room for them. If a rescue group doesn't take them in, they are usually euthanized. You can help homeless bunnies, by buying a T-shirt, or pin at "Make Mine Chocolate" site. I proudly wear mine!!

It's my semi-Friday. I don't have to wake up with the birds tomorrow, but I have to work my second job. Bullshit. I am so exhausted today. CP went into work at 9 pm and got off when I was going into work this morning. I havn't seen him since Wed. morning to kiss him goodbye. Really, I havn't spent any time with him since Tues. Work blows a fattie! I didn't sleep all that well. I woke up alot cus he wasn't there. It didn't feel right. I use to not give a shit if I slept alone. CP has me all screwy in the head now! Love. Dammit all to hell!!!!

In my great searching of the soul, I think I'm going to start looking more seriously into buddhism. Religion is a touchy subject for me, because I have no faith. I can't believe in what I don't see. I don't believe we just appeared here out of nowhere. An example of my beliefs are when people say "I'll pray on it" that translates to me, as you are telling yourself you want something, and then you achieve it, and thank God for it. I believe we all have the power to do anything within ourselves, you just have to believe you can do it. Which means, trying, and failing until you succeed.

If you do well for others, it comes back to you, and many people do for others, and say God gives back to them. I believe it is all in us. The only spirituality that speaks to me is the buddhist beliefs. So, I'm going to read up on it. It also teaches tolerance of all religions. Which is more than I can say for most of them out there.

People get too serious about it, and try to force it on others. It's a personal thing. Like me telling someone they just have to use Neutrogena 60 second hair mask because I do. When there are lots of other perfectly good conditioners you can use. Lot's to choose from, and some work better for other hair types. For me, it's Neutrogena. I can't make anyone else switch to my conditioner. They can see what it does for my hair, but that doesn't mean they have to use it.

I still have to do my taxes. Your not in much of a hurry when you owe $600 to those cocksucking assholes!!! As if I don't pay enough every day. I heard yesterday on the radio, that Ohio has the 8th highest taxes in the COUNTRY! Nice! I believe that all of our industry is gone overseas too for the most part, so tax the hell out of us, fuckers. We don't care. We'll all work 2 jobs to survive while you have people to wipe your ass. Try to fix the election again, obviously we're a mostly democratic state! Sorry. I'm a little bitter about paying taxes. I work too fucking hard to owe anything. I pay them enough trust me! I also owe state, and city. So, when all is said and done, I'm into the fucking government for about a grand! Loves it!!!

Lost. Oh.My.God. Michael's back!? Can this get any creepier? Another person 'healed'. Which is interesting, because it seems to not heal mental problems. Like the crazy fuck 'others' and Hurley, and Libby! Bernard wants to stay on the island cus Rose can't leave. I dunno about all that. I might be leaving someone behind if we were rescued. But I don't think that's gonna happen. That crazy fake Henry Gale guy, is a sneaky shit! Maybe us true Lost fans, and by that I mean the ones who live and breathe it and figure out consiracy theories....should look into Sedona Arizona. I think that place has similar healing powers!
Kat sent this to me. It made me laugh hysterically, but if your at work be careful. It shows some penis. Not much of it, but you can tell what it is if someone walks by. Enjoy


hot for jr. said...

I call myself spiritual, not religous. More "new age" than anything because I take from a couple different belief systems. Buddhism is probably the closest to my beliefs, but Wicca is a good one too. It teaches we are all connected to and together through nature and energy. Wicca gets a bad rap because it is misunderstood and misused - I'm still learning but I am only taking from it the positive. I think the Buddhist's have it right. They teach tolerance of yourself and each other. Last night I started re-reading the book that got me interested in this belief system and it brings it all back. "Going to Pieces Without Falling Apart" by Mark Epstein. He's a pyschotherapist and Buddhist. I suggest reading it.

Mon said...

Jr: Kat has one for me by the Dali Lama too. I'll have lots to get me started! Thats what i like about it, its not preachy, and it's more about yourself. And who doesn't know I love all things that are about me!??

supplymadam said...

You hit on many things here. First of all tax time is depressing but I will admit that was short lived because we are getting a refund. We sure pay enough throughout the year. But because I work i=on commission and worl from home I write alot of crap off.
The religion thing,although I was born Catholic I am not religious at all but I believe everyone has the right to believe what gives them comfort. Just don't use it for destructive purposes.
And that video-Friggin hysterical. I just e-mailed it to about 10 of my closest friends.

slyypper said...

I loved your 'all about me' title, so I stopped on in to have a look.

I'm a Unitarian Universalist. It's a religion of many beliefs but one faith. If you are looking for spirituality, you can probably find that best within yourself. If, however, you are religion-shopping, looking for spirituality AND community, you could do worse to check out http://www.uua.org for information on UU beliefs and congregations.

Cheers and best wishes.

Linda Fingerson