"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Walkin' After Midnight....

I feel fantastic today. I've exercised 3 days in a row. If I could only remember how 'great' it feels maybe I would push myself more. Of course, being that I work all the frickin time, I don't have much time for more. *sigh* So I strapped on my trusty pedometer last night, and took my usual route, it's a 20 minute walk. It was .44 miles. I thought for sure this whole time I was doing a mile! Lightweight! So now, I have to double it up and walk it twice, because There really isn't more of a distance I feel like taking at 10 p.m. by myself....with a shih tzu for protection. I feel safe in our neighborhood, but there are crazy fucks everywhere! I'm going to walk on lunch today, and add that to whatever I walk tonight. I had so much more energy last night.

On my walking adventure I'm going to return movies, and buy hostel, and Wolf Creek. I hope they scares the pants off of me. But I doubt it!

I also had some shitty dreams about CP and me cheating on each other. Whenever I have a bad dream where CP does something wrong, I do what every woman should do. I kick him hard and wake him up, and then act like I'm sleeping when he says "what?" "why'd you wake me up?". It's sweet satisfaction. Yea, it's just a dream, but it makes me feel better about it. How dare he do such things in my dreams! hmf!

I'm getting pretty good at fixing things. Normally I have no patience to fix things, but I learned that I have even less patience to wait for someone *cough*my fiance*cough* to fix things.

My bathtub has had a slow drain since I moved in over a year ago. Let's remember how this caused me to flood my bathroom/hall/bedrooms last summer. (ok, so it flooded because I forgot I was running it, but it wouldn't have been nearly as bad if it drained faster!) Back to the point, I've spent I dunno how much money on draino over the past year. All forms. Liquid Plumber, foam snake, gel, you name it, I've tried it! All that it did was make the drain move slow vs. being at a stand still.

So, like most things that piss me off, I assaulted the drain. With a dowel rod. I've had it with the damn thing sitting for 6 hours and not draining! No one likes to shower in a full bathtub! I jammed it down in there and banged around when I hit some part of the drain. Well, that assault worked. It drains perfect! So much so, that it makes that little tornado when it gets down far enough! You might ask yourself why I fix everything when I rent. I have a reasonable explanation, which is - I have 4 more pets than I have disclosed. Nuff said! I could truck them over to Tayray's but I can't hide the bunnies gargantuan condo!

I saw a group of men on motorcycles last night on my way to the second job. Yay Spring! I was at a long light behind them for about 5 minutes. I have decided, that for some reason, men on bikes are hot. I dunno if it's that they have on helmets and you can't tell if their ugly, or what. But mostly, I think it's that you can see their asses, which is something I got an eye for on the gentlemen. MMM MMM MMM! Wanna thank your mother for a butt like that!!!


supplymadam said...

Did you ever try Pequa drain opener? That stuff will also give you a tornado. You did good though fixing it without chemicals.
I love to see a cute guy riding a bike. My husband has a Harley. He looks pretty good on it. I don't go on as much as I used to. So he goes with his friends. He's a good rider but I still get nervous about the other idiots on the road. One of our friends that lived in Hawaii was riding without a helmet last year and fell and hit his head now he is brain damaged and his family moved him back here to NY and he has to stay in a facility,probably forever. I feel so bad for his mom. She is not the same anymore. But they do have alot of support because he has 5 siblings one of who is my sister in law. This never happened to anyone I know so it has been very difficult for them and us trying to offer support. They are having a big bike run for him in June. He has alot of friends and so far there are a few hundred signed up already.

Mon said...

Supplymadam: women probably ogle your husband. lol. I dunno what it is, they just look powerful, and manly! That scares me, people don't always see bikes, and their carelessness causes accidents! I've only ridden with my dad when I was little, and my brothers friend once. But the whole time I'm scared! Now that I'm wiser, I doubt I could do it! It's a control thing!

hot for jr. said...

I have a question about the gas supply in different areas of the country. I'm in Virginia and the stations are running out of gas. they say it's because they have to drain the tank and clean them before the NEW gas can be delivered. They say it will be 10 days to 2 weeks before the stations around here are 'back to normal'. IS ANYONE ELSE EXPERIENCING A 'TEMPORARY' GAS SHORTAGE? I read an article that car mechanics are taking a wait and see attitude about how the gas with the new attitives will affect car engines. GREAT!!

Mon said...

I haven't heard of such a thing here in my neck of the woods! Gas is 2.79 still. I thought that we had our own oil in Alaska. I'm no geography whiz, but isn't that in the US? Ok.