"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, April 21, 2006

Free Ballin'...

I free balled it yesterday! I had on a skirt, and I think we ladies know how things can get a little hot under there. My draws were sweaty after my lunch time walk! No one wants to work for 7 more hours with sweaty draws. I had to lose them. I washed them in the sink, and stuck them in the sunshine of my car to dry. I put up my sun shades on the side windows so no one would see hello kitty staring at them in the form of my skivies! Them mofos were dry come quittin' time!
I kept singing "free balllllllin" to Tom Petty's Free fallin. I dunno, next might be a nudist colony. Not wearing draws could be the gateway!

I have enlisted my sis aka "Hot for Jr" and her friend "theblonde1" to do the Womans Challenge with me! It's free! We are the East Coast Hotties, and you should fear us. Yesterday, my lunch walk to the grocery store was .82 mile, almost a mile. I walked after work too! I did a total of 2.67 miles all day, and that was only 7,000 steps. I got 2 new blisters. Rockinnnn! Soon my feet will turn into calluses, and it wont matter! Tayray called from the bar and told me to WALK down to have a beer. I had my dog! Oh, they'll let her in on the deck she said. Yeaaaa. I was about 50 feet from my house, and she wanted me to walk another half mile to the bar! Bubba called me drunk too. It's fun to talk to drunk people when you aren't, cus they think they make perfect sense! I think the recurring theme of the night was, everyone has a life but me. Ho Hum!
I stayed up until 1 a.m. to watch Wolf Creek. By myself. What lesson did we learn from this movie? Hmmm....I think that I'll still go to Australia, only I'm sticking to the beaches. Not so sure about taking any tours of the outback, ya dig? It was like an Indie film, so it felt more real. I don' t think there was any music at all. I woke up all night with nightmares. That's the second time I watched a movie, and said it wasn't scarey, but then I had bad dreams all night. The hills have eyes was definatley more creepy!

Today is our final day of employee appreciation. I can't wait to see who everyone's baby pictures are. It's so hard to guess people, we've been trying to determine age by the clothes they have on! We're having a desert bar too. We use to have way more fun things during the week, but times are tough people! Folks just aren't buying plants like they use to. But, gardening is still the #2 past time in America**. I'm in marketing, this is an honest to goodness researched statement! Get out there and buy plants! I need a raise!

I'm listening to the Celestine Vision. Levar Burton reads it! It's sooooooo Reading Rainbow!!!
The book is really cool! Everyone should read it! It talks all about coincedences, and how they are not accidents, which I'm already a firm believer in that. It's suppose to help you explore your spirituality. The guy who wrote the Celesting Prophecy wrote it. My sissy sent it to me.

**Don't ask me what the #1 is, because I don't store information in my brain that I really don't need!


Tayray said...

#1 Drinking.

the blonde 1 said...

I'm famous now! THANKS!!!

hot for jr. said...

Thanks for the shout out!! I hope I don't let you down with the virtual tour across the country. I'm going to start picking up my walking so I won't be a disappointment!
I'm glad you're enjoying the Celestine Vision. I really liked it.

Anonymous said...

I did not know that Friday was the Full Beaver Moon!!!!!!

Mon said...

Get to walking ladies! We're winning!!!!