"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Picinic On The Lawn...

I had last night off job #2!!!! How you might ask? Cus, it was our appreciation dinner, and I wasn't about to go since all my friends got laid off. I'd be stuck sitting with someone who drooled, or cursed out loud. I understand those people have mental problems, but I don't have to eat with them. Instead I sat out in the sun, and drank beer! I filled in the hole that lives between me and Tayray's, that something lives in. And cleaned out another flower bed. CP picked me some daffodils, but only after I sang him "you don't bring me flowers, you don't sing me love songs....anymore"

I got all kinds of presents from my sissy! The cutest hello kitty necklace, some books on tape, a CD and a book! New oils for my mister, and some for my artheritic fingers, and a jar that smells inspiring on my desk. Too bad she didn't make me a concoction for blisters. Me and Dusty walked about 2 miles yesterday on lunch. I got 2 quarter sized blisters that burst open. My socks were too thin for my sneakers. I had 2 on my toes too! I begged CP to pop the one on my foot that came back I never saw anything so disgusting. I soaked them in tea tree oil, my sis said it would help. It took the sting out! This morning, they were refilled, and already popped from my pants touching them. I need an E.T. healing! OUUUUCH!

I made grilled green, red, yellow, and orange peppers on the foreman, with some I can't believe it's not butter spray, and a little garlic salt. Steamed some rice, and put a little ranch dressing in it. (its the bomb!) CP actually ate it with enthusiasm! I was shocked, cus it didn't contain his 3 favorite food groups; grease, butter, pop. I don't think there is much better than grilled peppers, but that's just me!

We are having our picinic on the lawn today at work for employee appreciation week. It's lots of fun to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine, while the managers slave away on the grill. I'm sure it'll be loads of fun. I don't like the chicken though. It's not a breast, it's literally like, 1/2 a chicken. I don't like to eat meat, while I'm looking at a carcass. That's just me. We got some forget-me-nots from the company. I just love them, they are soooo pretty. They also put stickers on some chairs for a prize, but me and Bethie already saw them, and might have put 3 together for us and Tayray.

Lost isn't on tonight. What's the point of a Wednesday, with no Lost????


Tayray said...

We had some grilled boneless pork chops and some homemade mashed potato's, thanks to you for the milk!

hot for jr. said...

Lost may not be on, but INVASION is back!!!
I'll have to try grilling peppers on my little foreman grill. That sounds good. I'm starting the Slim Fast diet today. Wish me luck everyone!! I didn't have time to make a shake this morning so I'm having a breakfast bar and some fruit. I'm going to try making the strawberry shake in my smoothie maker with frozen strawberries and I bought some frozen coconut to try, and some bananas to put in them. I hope they are good.
I'm glad you liked your goodies and that the tea tree oil helped with the pain a little. keep applying it and it should help dry them up too.

supplymadam said...

Blisters are the worst. Hope they dry up soon.
You hit on my favorite subject...food.
I love to cook it and eat it. Those grilled peppers are sounding really yummy.
We gotta get some mulch for our flower beds. Love to look at them but don't really like doing them. That's next on my list before it gets too hot.

Mon said...

Tayray: i spose its payback for the ketchup. Thats what neighbors are for!
JR: Invasion was pretty good! It's about time they brought it back! It is delicious! it makes the grill marks, and gives it a smoky flavor. I could eat them all the live long day! Get a gallon of milk for work, and keep a can there. Much easier! Hey, frozen coconut? I want some!!!!!!!
Supplymadam: Yes Grilled peppers are delish! I guess I don't really enjoy working in the yard. I like the end result. But it keeps me busy!

hot for jr. said...

I couldn't keep milk here without someone drinking it and I buy the lactose intolerant kind, which is more expensive, to keep me from getting gassy, and it last longer. I'm not going to supply the rude people at work with milk. There was a box of bottled water in the fridge with a note not to drink because it belonged to the president of our company. His secretary went to get some the other day for a guest he had coming in and it was gone. People have taken frozen dinners out of the freezer and eaten them. RUDE!!!