"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, April 17, 2006

Evil Comes In All Forms....

Happy back to work after a long weekend. I watched a bunch of movies. Prize Winner of Defiance, which made me glad to be a woman of the millenium. I'm suprised there weren't more mysterious deaths of men back in the 1950's! Just Friends, which was cute! And Prime, and Session 9 which were both pretty gay in my book.

I'm actually ready to be back to work. I get bored being home too much. I didn't even leave the house but once and spent too much money. Oh wait, thaaaaats right, I had to pay half of my paycheck to the fucking government! Taxes my ass!!!!!! I had planned to go to the Beir Haus Thursday night, but I got stood up for Every Day Arnies. Which is a gay bar where my gay ex likes to go. I really miss having a life, where I get to go out once in a while. You know, to eat or something. For real. Didn't go out for Easter cus I'm poor, and Bubba and her man stood me up for dinner anyways. I think this weekend I had a big "LOSER" stamped on my forehead. It's better I didn't go. Since gas is damn near $3/gallon.

People blame oil and the war and all that BS but I blame the damned hybrid cars. It's a great idea, but the rich love to get richer, and how can the president bank off of our gas money, when more people are buying hybrids? How? Raise the gas prices! The rich get richer. Gotta love it.

CP worked all weekend. Worked Sat. until 4 p.m. went back in at 10 p.m. worked til 10 a.m. Sunday, then went back to work at 9pm Sunday night. I watched Beaches for probably the 30th time, and that's an understatement. I cried like a baby, for probably the 30th time. I think only women can understand that movie. We have such close relationships with our friends. I couldn't imagine being a man, and not sharing everything with someone the way we gals do!

I didn't go to church or anything on Easter, cus, I'm not into that. I think I was cursed, cus some people are lucky enough to see Jesus in a potato chip, or in a water stain on the wall.

Me, on the other hand, I get to see evil while enjoying my delicious smiley fries. Something about the way this one looked when I picked it up, made me get my camera.

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The Amityville horror had a red eyed pig, I get a red eyed smiley fry!


Tayray said...

Wasnt my choice to go to everyday Arnie's. I'm gonna take a guess that you put ketchup in the eyes!

supplymadam said...

Oh my God,I cry everytime I watch Beaches too. Another of one of my favorites is Dirty Dancing and My Cousin Vinny.
Ever see Not Without My Daughter with Sally Fields? If not it's really,really good. A true story.

Mon said...

Tayray: I didn't do it, it happened, it was a weird twist of fate! I had ketchup on my plate, but it was like that when I picked it up.
Supplymadam: I love not without my daughter!!! The first time I saw that I was so releived when they saw the American flag at the end!!

supplymadam said...

I think the Media doesn't put that movie on now because of all that's going on now. But yes I remember when she saw the American Flag. It was a great feeling after all she went through. What a traitor her husband was.
That movie was intense.

Rachel said...

I think people are still buying SUVs seeing all the ridiculous tanks in our little apartment complex IN THE CITY! Yet another reason why I bike. Bet Bush just hates that!