"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Knockin' On Heavens Door...Or Would It Be Hell?....

Most certainly, when you almost die, first you want to be sure you will be going to heaven. If there is a heaven. Second, you want to be sure you have on clean underwear. Being that I'm on my period, I had two strikes against me.

My brush with death came tonight. On my way home from my fucking second job, how appropriate. It snowed maybe 3 inches. We drove thru the mountains in WV in some treacherous weather, and had no near death experiences. I guess driving your car when your wheel bearings are bad, and your ABS goes out at will, and your traction system is disabled, you have bad rotors, and need a new caliper, isn't such a swell idea!

I went home main roads just to be safe. I don't tailgate. I was going 30 in a 45, the roads weren't bad, I have no idea what happened. I lost control of my car right in front of the fucking Green police department. The place that charges the most fucking taxes around, and they can't salt the God damn roads? It snows twice this winter, and we can't put salt out? Normally they try to tell us that they ran out of salt. Um, hello? What the fuck is up?

I've been lucky in my driving career in that I havn't had any serious accidents. I caused one, unscathed (kat was with me) and I was rear ended. I think I had a sign from God tonight, because honestly, I was thinking today about if there was one. I do that a lot. Cus, I'm confused about what I believe. Then, this happens.

I dunno how many times I fishtailed, but every time, I'd turn into it, because that was all that was in my head, my back end would come up the other way and it was back and forth several times before finally, I went off the road, which was my ultimate goal. Right in front of the police department. A few more feet and I'd have been going down a hill, and in serious trouble. I'm lucky that I was driving slow and the line of traffic behind me was smart enough to back off. I'm lucky no traffic came in the other lane because I was over there a couple of times. I remember I closed my eyes once, and thought I'm hit because I knew people were behind me.

Scared. The. Living. Shit. Out of me. It's over an hour later, and I'm still shaking, and scared. I had to stop at Giant Eagle to cry. I was afraid to go home.

Of course, first thing I said to the furkids was they are lucky Mommy didn't die tonight because no one would ever love them like I do. I'm such a kick ass mom! And, lucky for them I went to the feed store on lunch so they all had their yummies!

Mommy would have died starving. Having only had time for a bag of combos today, I would have haunted earth forever in search of one last Suzy Q. Or Reese Cup. Or, potato (made any way I'm not particular). Or, glass of wine.

I'm drinking wine. Boxed wine from Kat on my bday. I havn't killed that fucker yet. It's still trucking! I think, every fridge should have a box of wine, always. It's fresh til the last drop. Guaraneed. For real! In my brush with death, I have seen the light. I will always have wine. Yessir! And, God likes wine, cus they serve it in church. How can it be bad? I Needless to say I'm drinking. Did I mention the wine is good? Tomorrow is gonna suck! But, I'm glad I have a tomorrow!

I need to have a will for the kids sake. If I do die, they can't be separated. I'll be one of those kooks that leaves everything to them. And, my family will hate me because I didnt give them anything, it's all for the pets!! My sister is my beneficiary, so she'd have to be nice to her neices and nephews to get all that bank I got coming. (I'm a dreamer)

Today's Question:

What's your brush with death story?


Momma said...

I am reading this at 2 am and want to call you but by now you are asleep. Or Drunk. This is exactly the reason I left the great white north. I had that fear every time it snowed and I had to drive in it. I did the slide thing down a hill trying to turn and ended up in a yard in my big old Pontiac Grandville.
Repeat after me Monica.. OHIO SUCKS.
And yes there is a God and angels. They were with you tonight and I am thankful..

Tayray said...

Imagine this, I totalled my mustang in GREEN, going down a hill. That's my near death experience, when the car flipped over a few times. But Im here today and I know God was with me that night.

hot for jr. said...

I'm glad you're OK!! You should have called me when you got home!! Of course I'd take good care of my neices and nephews, but you better leave me alot of money too because I'll have to be a house big enough for all of us. Mom will take Fizz for herself so that's 1 I won't have to worry about!