"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

This N That....

Hump day. Lately time has been flying by! zip zip! Closer to quitting my second job! We had a meeting last night about our team. They are taking more key strokes out of the job so itll pay less, but they say we can DO more work that way. I hope I don't regret joining up again on my last 2 months, when I need to make the most money. I also don't want to quit, cus I actually made friends there. It was easier to not care when I didn't know anyone and kept to myself.

Lunch today for the coworker who is leaving us. I'm still distraught over the whole thing. It is going to be hell the next 2 months until I quit my second job. We start having shows in the spring, and I'll be loaded down with work. I won't be a happy me. But I'll have a yummy chicken salad today. That'll help ease the pain!

My night was fan-tabulous which is a new word created just for my evening. CP made it all about me if you catch my drift, and it was lovely!!! He got home before midnight so we DID in fact have a first Valentine's Day together. He got me the cutest card w/2 real bunnies snuggling, the way adorable bunnies snuggle, so he did a good job! And wrote me a love note, which was even better. And got me a cute pad of kitty paper, and candles. Everything was waiting for me but my CP when I got home.

I think he is serious about getting some money, as he is working a lot of night jobs, and yesterday he hauled his mounds, and I mean MOUNDS of Maxim magazines over, to sell on ebay.

I did about 1/4 of a leg workout from body sculpting. It was friggin' hard. I use to teach that class, then do weight machines for 1/2 hr, and an aerobics class. Amazing how fast you can lose it when you dont use it! I'm so excited to start back to the Nat. in the spring! I felt about 10 years younger when I worked out a lot too! However, I can now take my pants off w/o unbuttoning them, so I am progressing, slowly, but it's progress! I'm still not into a smaller size. Well I can get into one, but I can't breathe, or move.

My sister has a hot date tomorrow. Everyone think happy thoughts for her. It'll be a cake walk!

Sometimes, I totally rock. I logged on to pay my Direct TV bill, and I love TV so much, I made a double payment last month! How's that being on top of things going for you? Pretty good thanks! Pretty gooooood!

Have I stated how much I love driving my awesome car now? It's a whole new world! I took my morning Mini-Thin 2 hours late. I'm not quite started up yet. Addiction is a terrible thing to waste.

Today's Question:

What is the recurring dream you most enjoy?

I have never enjoyed a recurring dream. The one I have most often, is losing my teeth, which has to do with control. One, then another, than a mouthful of them. I like a good sex dream but those are always with nameless unknown men. It's ok to get around in your dreams!

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hot for jr. said...

I wouldn't call it a 'hot date', I'm going to meet a new guy. I'll let you know how it goes, then maybe we'll set up a hot date!!
Everyone can still think happy thoughts for me though. I'm a little nervous!!