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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Give Credit, Where Credit Is Due.....

I recently went with Progressive auto insurance. You know, they'll tell you their rates, plus the rates of several other customers...yadda yadda. I was always particular with my car insurance, because I wouldn't go to places that ran your credit. I think it's wrong. I got a pretty good deal with one of their 'other customers' and was excited to have this taken directly from my account so I don't have to fool with it whatsoever. They never said they would run my credit, I thought there was some kind of disclosure law about that, but what do I know? I'm a marketing assistant. Apparently I can't read.

I will say, they were fast. My policy started right away and within 3 days I had my permanent insurance card and all my info in the mail. I didn't even have to talk to a person at all. I did it all online. But, within all my paperwork, was a statement as to why I didn't get the lowest rate possible.

My credit.

They also listed the 'reasons' my credit is 'bad'. Apparently, it is a horrible thing, to have 1 credit inquiry in 24 months. I'm really fucking careful with this shit, OBVIOUSLY! I don't try for things that run my credit, as I am trying to get my score higher so I can get a mortgage in a couple years. 1 inqury in 2 years, is pretty fucking good if you ask me! Another reason? I paid my car payment late past 30 days 1 time in the last 2 years. Not good, but I had to up and move out with no warning, so that kinda happens. What else....oh, the kicker. I have 40% of my credit cards in use. Not even HALF the balance on the whopping 2 credit cards I have. Which I pay, above the damn minimum, ON TIME every month! Nevermind that only half my income is spent out in bills! Fuck that useless information!

I dunno much about other places, but here in Ohio we are required to carry fucking car insurance. They send us letters randomly in the mail from the BMV asking for proof. We have to sign a waiver when we get our tags. It's asked for when you are pulled over for anything. So, how is it ok to go by CREDIT on something you are REQUIRED to carry? And, what does my credit have to do with the ability to pay, when it is coming right out of my account? If I don't have money in there, they'll still get paid, and I'll be screwed with overdrafts. I mean, I really don't get it!

It is like they were dead set against giving me 'the lowest rate' so they had to come up with some half assed retarded excuse to fuck me over. ASSHOLES! When my 6 months is up with them, I'm SO out of there!!!!

You have to pay your car payment, insurance, tags, and liscense plates, your drivers liscense, and now, I personally pay 120 a month for gas to drive the damn thing. I think what I really need is homeowners insurance on the sumbitch!

This is for Momma: I walked last night. It was cold. Hill had her comfy sweater, I had my warm coat, and guess what I wish I had half way through my walk? Cotton Balls for my ears. I'm getting old. My ears never use to hurt in the cold!!!!

Today's Question:

Do YOU think it's right they check a credit score to insure a car?


Momma said...

Well, you're supposed to learn from your mothers, not laugh at them. Payback is a real bitch. I told you about the black hair inside you that comes out wherever it damn well pleases at times unexpected. 'SURPRISE !! HERE I AM." Did I lie? NO.. now you know what else is coming in the grey hair department so don't be surprised. Oh and your possie changes too. Get out the K-Y..ahaaaaa

MzAriez said...

Hi Mon.

I'm back again. It seems like it's been forever. I love what you've done with the brown stripes.

I have State Farm. I have never been asked about my credit. I think it is mean to use credit to determine car insurance rates. Poor people are usually the ones with credits problems because of their limited incomes. But with this system, those who struggle the most will pay the most. Where
does that even out? It sucks.

Take care!