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Monday, February 06, 2006

I'm Just About To Resume Life As I Knew It......

Another week. Ugh. Know what the good news is? THIS IS OFFICIALLY WEEK ONE OF THE LAST 2 MONTHS OF MY SECOND JOB!!!!!! I will once again resume having a life! And, it'll be 2 months before I see Edwin, so I got time to get into shape for him.

If I had any ounce of energy I'd do another dance. CP started back to work SATURDAY!!!!! So, I can finally start the countdown to quitting work! It'll just fly by! Uh huh, Uh huh!

Besides making my curtains this wknd (see next post below)I didn't do a whole lot. Sat. afternoon I met Kat and we went to a new restaurant called Bravo. It isn't open yet it was a test run so the food was 50% off. My food alone was 9 bucks, but it wouldve been 21! It was fancy schmancy, but not too fancy for jeans! I had the most delicious chicken, with tuscan mashed potatos and real steamed green beans, and we shared the best cheesecake ever. It had a carmelized crust on the outside, OMG. YUM! I rarely go out and when I do I'm usually taken out. So Kat had a good laugh on me when I didn't know which check to take with me after signing for my meal. She said 'Merchant copy, Customer copy' and so, I signed the customer copy and kept the merchant. What? like it matters?

Tayray's ex is in town. One of our friends got an attitude with her and I because we didn't want to go out with him. Ummm, what's the problem here? I don't hang out with my friend's exes. period. I'm sure this friend would've hated us if we went out w/her ex! And to get mad at Tayray? Why the hell does she want to see him? Amazing how some people can make everything about them.

I got to work today and half the parking lot is empty. We got like 2 inches of snow, not the 14 inches predicted. I think everyone is hung over, from drinking themselves into oblivion. You know, a sin has been committed against our state. Pittsburgh won the superbowl. I could give a shit less, but I find it humorous, that people around here act like we're in high school. Instead of a rival school, it's an entire state. People honestly wish those players harm, and their families harm. It's a game people. One which, you have no control over! It makes me hate the teams of this state more than I do. Poor sportsmanship! I only know this, cus they cut into all my shows yesterday and I had to record everything til midnight to catch Grey's Anatomy. Cus, with football see, if they actually played the game, would only last an hour or so. With all the BS it's 4 hours = FUCKING HATE!

I'm happy to report, that in 2 months, I'll have had an ENTIRE YEAR with no sports! It'll be the happiest year of my life!

My show rocked! (greys anatomy) It was a cliffhanger. I fucking hate those. I did get to see the cool previews for Lost too. If I was stupid, and didn't watch Lost, I would watch it now from the preview. Do people really know what they are missing? I think not!!!!

I had to let out Taray's pupper, Rocky Road last night and this morning. I didn't say he'd GO out! He was such a brat! All his hair stuck up on his back and he growled at me viciously, I didn't get scared I told him he was a good pretty boy, lets go potty outside and get treats! He went upstairs and sat his big butt on the couch. I gave him a bunch of treats and tried getting him to go outside, forever. He wasn't having any part of it. He has never NOT gone potty for me! He must've really missed his momma!

I got my first bridal magazine!!!! But the cover was entirely diamond rings. What would you do? My best friend was on the cover of the damn thing!! That's good marketing! Got some cuuuuuuuute ideas! The good thing about having a small, small wedding, is I'll get to do a lot more with decorating!! LOVES IT!

I also found some ideas for a wrap for a wedding band. I might have to have it made. It's harder than I anticipated to find something I like for an emerald cut. I wanted 3 of the same stone, now, I want Baguettes on either side to resemble emerald cut, but have a different look. CP said, when I showed him a couple, "AS LONG AS I DON'T HAVE TO BUY IT" I said, you could just not marry me you know, cus that will be FREE! Men are so insensitive!!!!!! ASS!!!!!!!!!!!

Today's Question:

What is the cruelest thing you have ever done to a friend?

The one that sticks out in my mind is smashing an egg in the back of her car while egging another friend. Or maybe it was the friend we egged was the worst thing? She wasn't really a friend so that doesn't count.

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Tayray said...

Im a great friend to everyone. But I did give my friend from high school drunk for the first time ever, and when she said she was thirsty i gave her a beer and told her it was water and she actually drank it like water. Classic night, then I dropped her off at home and helped her unlock the door, but i heard her fall on her face after I shut the door!