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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Nature Is So Adorable...

I rented March of The Penguins. If you have the slightest interest in animals, watch this movie. It is only the cutest thing ever! Penguins are funny, adorable, and dedicated! I never knew I'd enjoy just watching them live. They make really unique noises. They fall in love, they mate, they play. They even fight over men because there aren't enough.
They lose chicks and go crazy and try to steal another woman's chick and the tribe protects them. It's amazing. Some parts are sad, like when the predators come around, but I've honestly never seen such a cute documentary! They mate for a year. They do adorable cuddley things together, and walk around on their heels to protect their eggs. They are very interesting animals to watch. I loved it!!!! It isn't at all boring, it's interesting, informative, cute, sad, and beautiful. I just can't say enough about it! It's like watching little black and white people!

One more chance, go here and watch the trailer! CUTE!

I'm working on a new stained glass window. It was always hard on my hands to do the leading part, but now with typing all night, it's even worse. I'm doing one that is a random pattern, and all blues, dark on the outside, to lightest on the inside, to a few clear spots in the middle. I think it'll look awesome! I'm excited. I'm going to get some more paints today, and that's about it!

Oh, Im gonna make stir fry. Semi healthy. Low sodium soy, fried rice w/egg white only, and chicken and broccoli. No oil. We'll see if CP even notices.

I had to call off my second job Friday, cus I was stuck at job 1 until 5. I had too many things to finish before I left it was one hell of a freaking day!

Speaking of adorable nature, and love....here is my lovebuns Chelsea and Boo's being cuddlebuns! They sleep nose-to-nose a lot in their wooley cat beds!

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Rachel said...

March of the Penguins is on my NetFlix list. Your bunnies are SO cute! Oscar is recovering from a mild bout of gastric stasis. That was a fun way to spend a Friday evening!

Mon said...

It's so good!! Thank you I think my kids are pretty irresistable! I hope Oscar feels better!!! Poor guy!

mr.mehoff said...

helllo friend. i love furry rabbits..i have a hampster named George and hes real cute