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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Strike Up The Band!!...

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Go Dogs! Be Still my beating heart.... I received an email at my MSN high school group, that there will be an ALUMNI BAND PERFORMANCE at the band show! It is September 16! You have to practice on your own. Um, hello, can I even still read music? Do I remember how to FINGER the notes? Can I be turned away cus I suck?

I soooooooo want to be involved! I played the trumpet. I was first chair section leader when I left thankyouverymuch! You know, I can't play the damn thing anymore because 1, I smoke, and 2, it's fucking hard oh k? It was hard to learn in the first place, and now after 10 years? (ok, so it's been 12!) Can't I just march and pretend that I'm playing? Oh please? I am sure I can still march...rolllll your feet, and steady the upper body.

Will we get to do the fight song???? Will we get the pre-performance pep talk??? Will we get to do the chant?? Feet. TOGETHER. chest. OUT. shoulders. UP. BACK. DOWN. chin. UP. eyes. WITH PRIDE! WITH PRIDE! WITH PRIDE!

If you call me a band fag, you're a talentless dickhead with no respect for people with talent. Go kick a ball why doncha?

I, on the other hand, was in the concert band, marching band, jazz band, and pep band. Mind you, the jazz band was by audition only mkay? I rocked!

I'll keep you posted. I expect all my friends to come support me. I feel an Old School moment coming up!!!!!! And if you don't come, you know you will miss the possibility of seeing Eli.

Eli was a special guy who use to come to all the games. The only thing he loved more than the football players, was the band. He was retarded, and he'd always want to go to the pizza joint, Peppi's after the game. Wonder if he is still around? We did walk with him once to get pizza. It was my friend Jen's fabulous idea.

Today's Question:

Who was the noisiest partner you ever made love with?

"Z" was mine


Momma said...

Question:.. How did we get from playing a trumpet to having loud sex? Sounds like you had a conquering hero for a sex partner.

Rachel said...

Me? One time I broke a lamp.