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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sometimes Work Ethics Suck...

I had a shitty Friday. I should add to my resume 'miracle worker' cus I'm getting pretty damn good at it! We are using a new web-based newsletter thing at work for the newsletter I used to code by hand. Supposedly 'easier'. Sure it is, to someone who doesn't know html. I am use to coding and having no limits. This program, limits what you can do and it is frustrating to know how to do something, and not being able to do it.

I got to job 2 and there was a note saying we could go home with no incident if we wanted. FUCK YEA! I went to tell the supervisor and he said "oh, that shouldn't be up there, we need help, we're screwed we're 2 days behind" I said then you should take that note down before people get their hopes up. He said "you can go since you saw it, but I'd realllllly appreciate it if you'd stay" BTW we were not 2 days behind.

WTF would you do? I fucking stayed. I never even got a fucking THANK YOU! It turned out to be good cus I was pissed off and I made 50 bucks in 4 hours. Now we're talkin!

When I got home CP had gone and got me 2 of my favorite things. Beer, and wine! He's the sweetest!

Then, Chelsea bear cuddled with me on my lap, and made me smile. I got these adorable pictures. CP said she looks dead. But I assure you, she was cuddling in my lap and she just goes hypno and zones out when you rub her belly. She's only the cutest bunny EVER. So enjoy!

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MzAriez said...

My bunny will zone out if you rub his cheeks. He also likes to be held like a baby. Bunnies are fun.

Chelsea is soooo cute. I love the blue eyes.

Rachel said...

so cute! I laughed out loud. A LOT! She doesn't look dead. My bunnies do things like that. They are SO full of personality! Try telling Oscar it's time for bed!

Charlie Mc said...

awesome pics, so adorable!!!!