"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, February 10, 2006

The Good, The Bad, The Happy And The Sad.....

So it doesn't suck so bad today. I talked to my sister about whats bugging me, which was nice to get off my chest. I don't need to carry any more weight there than I do already thankyouverymuch! I'm already becoming a hunch back!

And, I discovered yahoo radio. I took my radio to job 2 so I can listen to cassettes, there is more cassette books available. I just read 'Tell Me Lies' by Jennifer Cruise. Awesome book. Go read it now! Theres adultry, hot sex, embezelment, murder.....what more do you need?

Yahoo radio. Yes, I've listened to online radio before. Yahoo, lets you create your OWN station! MINE? How can you be in a bad mood, when you hear Edwin playing? Yes, I said Edwin, "I Want It All". This is big business to me, they never play this on the real radio. And it was one that CP said was perfect for me. *smile* (lyrics below cus you know you love Edwin too!)

BTW you may view Madonna's performance w/the Gorillaz here. I dunno how long it'll be up there. But I heard people say when you are almost 50 you shouldn't wear a leotard.
I say, when you look like that no matter how old you are, by all means, wear one! The people who sit their fat asses on the radio and judge others, shouldn't wear a leotard. She still has it! Hard to believe she has 2 kids. And yes, she is singing. Imagine that, people still sing during live performances! Oh Madonna, will you marry me?

She's got an inner child
A little tame and a whole lot of wild.
But as crazy as it is, it is who she is.
And she smiles and she frowns.
She's sunshine and she's clouds.
Emotional to say the least, but that's ok with me.
'Cuz when I fell, I fell hard for every part.
From the beauty in her eyes to the love that's in her heart.
The good, the bad, the happy and the sad.
Her perfections, her every little flaw.
I want it all.
Sometimes the lighting lies
And she found some new laugh lines.
But whenever she asks me, it's only beauty that I see.
And when she falls asleep
I know she'll dream a little dream of me.
And in the morning she will see
that it's easy to believe
The good, the bad, the happy and the sad.

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hot for jr. said...

Glad I could help take some of the load off - that's what sister's are for!!!! I like 'I Want it All' too. Of course I love all his stuff too, but that's one I turn up a little louder than some of the others.
By the way. NASCAR officially starts next weekend, but all the 'festivities' such as practices and races to see how they line up for next weekend, start TODAY! You better start sending all your positive energy Dale Jr's way!!! *****GO GO DRIVER #8!!!!!*****