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Monday, February 02, 2009

Party like you were the age you were in 1999....

Ok, so in 1999 I was 23. Partying was way easier. I was spose to go to a party on Saturday, and when we finally got ready to go (at midnight) we decided to go to Giant Eagle instead, and spent like an hour at the store. Did you hear me? We went to the grocery store instead of a party. But, oddly enough, I had a really good time at the grocery store with the manfriend. Truth be told we have fun no matter what we do.

Friday was the TOGA party. My toga was awesome people. And to protect the innocent I'm only posting pictures on my myspace. I'll probably be your friend if you ask. Cus, I'm pretty nice.
I got to the manfriends around 8:30 and he was just hanging in his manties (boxers) not toga'd up. I drove to Cleveland in mine. Granted, I had my Hello Kitty jammy pants underneath, but I still drove in it. He got some purple crushed velvet material for his toga.

Yes, he did, and so did his friend. It matches his pimp hat, so I guess for him it makes sense. And I fashioned him the winningest toga of all. (Besides mine of course). Not a lot of people donned togas, which shocked me, because well, togas are easy. Since I'm hella busy at work today as its month end, and coworker didn't do anything she was suppose to do before she left for me (karmas a bitch, that's all I have to say!) and I have so much to do that I had to ADD a page to my planner, a list of hilights.

Learning how to pump a keg without head. Aka stop pumping the keg so damned much!
Manfriend's cat Mojo loves parties!
Sometimes I suck at beer pong
I shouldn't do cherry bombs anymore when I am drinking beer
Early morning wake ups are nice when you don't have to go to work
Having Nunzio's pizza ...um...holla! Big up to the Cleves for that one!
Walking to the Mars bar in our togas and sandals with 13 inches of snow on the ground.
Inviting strangers from the bar to the party
Kevin's Jesus "toga"
Making up a dance to "Skat Man"
Being pissed that no one would dance to "shout" with me. Obviously I'm the life of the party.
Being yelled at for stopping "the pong" game to dance. What eves.
Walking into a conversation about finger banging. Who says that?
One of the manfriend's drunk friends telling me how much he loves his cat, then begged me not to tell anyone. (his cat is his celly screen saver, come on!)
Someone putting hot sauce in neil's beer boot.
Selling the fact that someone put hot sauce in neil's beer boot, to Neil halfway thru the beer, for a buck.
Trying to sell other secrets for a buck. I needed some cash!
Flirting with the manfriend all night.
Being the only girl til about 1 am. What......the fuck?
Selling out and putting my PJ's on at 2:30.

Who are these strangers from the bar?
Passing out shortly after.

Sunday's Hilights:

Other than the manfriend's neighbor coming over to complain about the noise....but really he was fishing for an invitation to the party "heads up next time, let me know, or you know invite me over". He's like 50 or something, but you can tell he's a stoner or something. He's hippie dippie.

We laid around til 5 and watched "Taken" with Liam neeson (good flick!) then went to his Dad's for a party. pretty much the only hilight of superbowl sunday, was cheering for Pittsburgh, at a party full of people rooting for Arizona. I could care less about it, same w/the manfriend (see why we are destined for happily ever after?) but it was fun to cheer when they scored, and hear people in the other room say "who's doing that?". I rooted for the steelers cus my Momma's from PA...and cus it annoyed others.

Plus we did that squares betting thing, and this kid who is like 10 was set to win $45. The manfriend and me schemed to change his name if he won. I said "that kid doesn't even have a job!" Manfriend gave me the $2 to play, and I said you had to work hard for that $2! Some people would be like "oh let the kid win" not me! Lucky for him he didn't win. We'd have stolen his money.

Did you watch? What was your fave commercial? Mine was Career builder. Hands down. Followed by the Budweiser ones, cus I love animals. Duh!

"Hey Dummy"


Momma said...


Erin said...

That was a wicked funny commercial!

Glad you had such an awesome weekend - do you know I have never been to a toga party? WTF - I should host my own since i have never been invited to one!

Anyhow, glad you had fun!

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

I saw no commericals as I didn't go to any party. I'm not a super bowl kind of gal. But it's definitely a fun thing to do with a manfriend! Your 50 yr old hippie dippie neighbor sounds lonely.

LBluca77 said...

I thought when you said you went to the Giant Eagle you were talking about a bar. ha.

My fave part of the Superbowl was the Office episode after. Seriously it was some funny stuff.