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Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's All Death...

I am way late with posting. It seems in my spare time of, you know, doing my supervisory job, and the job of a missing secretary, now I have to add babysitter to my roster of jobs. I have to babysit new girl, who I guess isn't helping her coworker move up to the new department. You know what? I'm busy. Gawd.

So who watched lost? If you didn't don't read itll either piss you off that you know what is happening, or you'll be bored to tears.

I only have to say a few things. Why on earth is Christian Shepherd the one who is known as Jacob? How did this happen? Obviously he is time traveling, but why him? Did he purposly impregnate Claire's Mom so she'd have Claire and one day she'd birth Aaron on the island? I mean, when does the madness end?

It was kinda cool to see Danielle from her beginning.

Charlotte grew up on the island. I read that theory that she is Ben's daughter in another blog. If I wasn't the only person in my department working, I'd research that and give you props.

Why did Jin lose his ability to speak english all of a sudden? Or, was this a way to show us that Charlotte is more than meets the eye?

When the frenchies landed on the island, their signal was "the numbers" they got from the radio tower. Remember the Losties got danielles message from the radio tower when they crashed. Wonder what the signifigance is of that. Personally, I think Hurley played the numbers after having been on the island and time traveled back. Who knows where this all ends?

Nothing was in that smoke monster that ate the french dude. Ever since Mr. Eko faced it and it had all those images in it, I'm obsessed with looking for meaning. It made them all sick though, and never did that to anyone else.

.....or was it the fact that they went into the temple that made them all sick? Remember when something bad happened before Richard told his people to go to the temple. Innnnnnteresting.

Remember when the others captured Jack, Kate, and Sawyer, and had them in those animal cages, and Benry took Sawyer on that bunny rabbit walk and said he put that pace maker on hes heart, and was like good luck running away cus your on another island? What ever happened to that other island?

Just asking!

I get to see the manfriend tonight!!! I'm pretty excited about that!


Frances said...

I'm excited for you! Have an amazing time.
Waving at you from New York,

Erin said...

Since I stopped watching Lost, I am thoroughly confused... so I'll just say, hope you have fun with manfriend tonight!!

Mike said...

I'm going to talk to your boss for you because you deserve a raise.

Amy said...

I thought it was strange, too, that there was nothing in the smoke monster. No flashes of his life or whatever.

But the numbers, they came from the island originally, that's how Hurley got them! Think way back. After Hurley won and became "cursed" he went to try and find out where the numbers came from. He first heard them recited by a guy in the mental institution. Then he went to Australia where he was looking for the mental institution guy's friend. He talks to the friend's wife, who tells him her husband killed himself because he couldn't get away from the curse of the numbers. He and mental institution guy had been stationed in the south pacific in the military and heard the numbers being broadcast repeatedly. That guy ended up in the mental institution, spent all day every day repeating the number sequence, and Hurley remember them and played the lottery with them.

Then when Rousseau landed on the island, she heard the broadcast of the numbers and changed it to her own message. Then the Losties crashed there and heard her message.