"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happiness Is...

I had a shitty Tuesday at work. I could get into the overly exciting story, about how it seems that I am taking the shit for everyone at work latley, and I have no time to even pee or poo, but I wont.

But smack dab in the middle of my crappy day....Heather emailed me a picture of the ex husband, and his new wife, aka baby momma. Now, I had seen a half assed photo of her before. I know some about her because the girl who does my hair, runs with my ex husbands crowd sometimes. (don't I sound old?)

It's satisfying to see he is with some skanky looking hoe. And that they fight like we did, and break things and throw stuff at each other. Good to know that his life hasnt changed any, in 10 years, but add to that having three children all by different girls. Where am I, oh yes.. I'm in such a happy place in life, and I don't have the hate and the drama anymore.No abuse. I don't have the jealous rages. The constant arguing. Name calling. Tearing me down. Spying, begging, and anything else that comes with a shitty relationship. That's satisfying enough, just knowing how happy I am.

But the best part? Is seeing that he is a big fat tub of lard. Mostly because he always liked to call me fat. And look what happens? Karma gets you. I'm healthy, and working out, and I look better than I did even 10 years ago...and looks like he might pop. I love the universe. All you have to do is truck along and do the right thing, and assholes take care of themselves. I never had to do a thing, he made his own messes, and I'm still a fun, happy, positive girl with no drama in her life. I have a spectacular manfriend that fills me with happy rather than sad, and he treats me like gold! It's funny how things happen.

Add to that at the end of the day this conversation happened:

Coworker to me: "Well, you may remember, but I'm sure youre younger than me, I'm 27"
Me: "Why...thank you, I happen to be 33"

I still got it.

Did you hear about this Chimp attack? The 911 call made me really sad. I couldn't imagine.

Here's the thing though, I didn't know monkeys ate steak and lobsters? Who gave him a taste for meat? I thought they ate leaves and bananas? And xanax? Tea? For pete's sake!

Please, don't let me be a crazy old lady with that has a bobcat, or a leopard cus they are cute.



Erin said...

now that is total satisfaction... you must have been so happy when you saw the picture :-)

But more than that... to KNOW you are happier with your entire life now is truly a great thing. And that makes me happy for you!!

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

high five!!!! that is amazing - girl, be proud of yourself. you deserve it.

Mike said...

I guess he let the door hit him in the face on the way out. What is that expression? Living well is the best revenge? Something like that.

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

Fizz, I wish you lived out here. We'd be friends for sure. Your attitude and sense of humor is so refreshing! Just think something else...you don't have a child with that tub of lard loser and don't have to deal with him. You got very lucky! As for the chimp attack, that is so frightening and horrific. Those animals should not be allowed in captivity they way they are and laws should be passed that they are kept in animal sanctuaries. This is the second attack in less than five years were a chimp has attacked a human and injured him/her in a horrific way.

LBluca77 said...

Good ridden's to a guy like that and yay for you to being in a much better place now.

Rachel said...

How weird is that? My ex still lives in the same neighborhood but thankfully I never see him.

Chimps are omnivores--they eat everything. I'm seriously thinking of slipping some Prozac in my new bunny's water! She's psycho bunny!