"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I wanna new Bed....

Last week on Oprah, she had Valentine's suprises. There was this one guy who was going to propose during the superbowl, by buying a 2 million dollar television spot. Only, who has 2 million dollars? He started a website, to raise money, and even got some news coverage, in shadow, with a disguised voice of course. All while his girlfriend had no idea.

So, his website raised 10 grand, not enough for the superbowl. He ended up raising enough for a commercial on the CW during his girlfriend's favorite show, Veronica Mars. This was the commercial. It also shows her reaction. How cute is that? Pretty darn cute! On Oprah she was like "I like to have the remote during my show, and they kept taking it from me, the show was like 10 seconds behind and I wanted to fast forward it"

I could so see myself doing something jacked up like that. Me and my Tivo. I can relate. Watching Lost, on at least a 15 minute delay, as to avoid commercials, and fast forwarding, hardly able to stand the wait until it's back on. I'd surely screw up a super proposal. But, I'm not even living with my manfriend, so I can watch Lost however I want.

If he can get 10 grand for a proposal. Surely I can get a few hundred for a new bed. I'm going to come up with a website, Obama said we should all help each other. And I'm going to get it done. He didn't say if we should do the helping, or be the helpee. But, I'd give $1 if someone needed a new bed.

Or maybe itll just be a blog cus websites take time, and I don't even have a home computer as it's still at my manfriends after being fixed, it is now jacked up again. Maybe I should do a dual Bed/Computer blog begging for 25 cents or something.

Or, does anyone want to just adopt me, and buy me things? And not expect sex or anything gross in return?

So, I'm going to eat more meat and see if that works for my exhaustion. I think I've been thru this before. But the fact that I'm so tired, makes my brain not work.


Heather said...

awesome. i do that with grey's anatomy. i wait until about 15 minutes in to the show before i start to watch so i can skip commercials. dvr is totally encouraging my tendency to be very impatient.

Erin said...

Hey, if you start a blog to get a new bed, I would certainly donate a few dollars!! I think its a great idea!