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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How I Didn't Win The Lotto....

I'm all about how things line up and *gasp* it's meant to be! So, on Friday it was the mega millions drawing. I didn't know. I don't pay attention. I was at work until almost 7, working for free on the stupid up-coming meetings. Counting out packets of info I had stapeled together (by hand, because if you work in an office you know that the copiers never work, and you especially can't use the staple feature....right?) I had to make 200 sets of all this stupid info. And I counted them out into sets of 10, because it's easier to count in 10's. So, 20 sets of 10 is 200. (cookie?)

After I slaved away making stupid recruiting packets, I stopped to buy some cancer sticks, where I paid by bank card, and the woman at the circle K said..."would you like to buy a mega millions ticket" I said I don't have cash. She says "not even quarters?" And I said well, I may have dimes and nickels.

So I counted out exactly 10 dimes. I had 10 dimes. Ten. As in I was counting packets of 10 for hours at work. It's a sign! What's better? Two of the numbers on the auto pick are my birthday. 12, 14.

I started spending the millions in my mind. (This is where I buy an island and move away and charge people to visit me, cus I might be rich but I don't like free loaders, right?) I swear, this is like the 5th time I have in my gut felt I was going to win big.




However, no one won, and now its 140 million today, and I have a $1 bill with a CAT stamped on it. It's totally meant to be! I'm buying a bed! And new glasses and contacts! I have insurance now, but since I pay for insurance I still cant really afford to go to the dr. It's a viscious cycle.

Yesterday I had to workout in my push up bra. I didn't pack a sports bra. Want to talk about uncomfortable? It's also almost my time of the month, so the girls didn't appreciate being jostled around like that. Ow. What's worse, I had to wear a sweaty bra all day long. But I still worked out. That's the moral of my story.

Oh, this weekend at the manfriends party a girl mentioned having graduated in 2000. Then said to the rest of us, what did you graduate in 98?

And, I've decided (erin) to put the second job thing on hold, at least to see how much money I bring in from this new stimulus tax cut. (you know, I'm openly laughing about this....)


Deutlich said...

I always get so disappointed when I don't win the lotto...so I try not to play

Mike said...

I don't play often, but every time I do, I always think that this will be the time. My father won second place on the Mega Millions and won $250,000. If he had just hit that mega ball, he would've won $69 million.

My favorite numbers just happen to be 12 and 14.

Fizzgig said...

at least im not the only one who has dreams!!!! i really believe im going to win!

holey shit thats a lot of money! i didnt play the mega ball last time. its a sign. ha ha ha really? thats weird, 12 14 are good numbers, an amazing person was born that day. ah ha.

Life On Edge. said...

man where was I? I didn't check your page for what seemed to me like just a few days and you have all those great posts about your exes and how you got out of their games on your own, I see you lost more pounds and you almost won the lottery! Wow girl you are on a roll!!!! yeah! You always give such great energy!

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

hey i graduated in 98! :)

btw i watched fever pitch on sunday, seriously i know i mentioned it on a post but thank you so much!

Erin said...

I graduated college in 94... does that make me old???

I'm glad that you put the 2nd job on hold! I would hate to see you stress so much over that :-)

And believe me, I spend my millions as well every week, only to see myself not win week after week. But you know what? It gives me that one day a week (or 2 if I play powerball) to dream that MAYBE this is the week - and that is enough fun for me I guess :-)

Fizzgig said...

I'm a woman on a roll, with a mission. lol. Thank you for the compliment though, I appreciate it!

I graduated in 94. Gulp. Fever pitch is a great romantic comedy i love it!

true, it does feel good to at least entertain the possibility of it happening, right?! 94 for me too!


You have such great humor!!