"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Incognito, sort of...

I figure, I can post this picture, since technically we have masks on, right? It's me and the manfriend. My mask was pretty awesome, Kat got it in Venice. She kinda sucks for going but whatever, she got me a cool mask and a spoon from Austria, so I have to let her off the hook.

You can't however, see the necklace I scammed from the party that was mardi gras beads, with two turtles humping. Humping turtles are awesome. I'll make sure they are more visible at this weekends mardi gras party. My solem vow.

The manfriend, reminded me of these firey things from the Labryinth. Didn't that movie rock?

You know what is super nice? To wake up with someone and they tell you how cute you are first thing in the morning. Who feels cute in the morning? Cute enough to breath your morning breath on someone and maybe, you know....have some hanky panky? Slober and all? That is love. Mixed with lust!

I have to leave work early to truck it to Planned Parenthood. I swear I help keep Ohio's youth in condoms with all the time and money I spend there. They refuse to send me more than 1 month birth control at a time. I found out after 6 months, its cus I owe money. $50. Have they billed me? No. How about sending me a bill? I am all for my right to privacy but I mark on all my forms that they can send me things and call me. My MOMMMMMMEEEEE wont find out and ground me. So, when I reorder my pills, a week after receiving my last one (which is totally retarded and a waste of time and postage!) it takes them a month to send my script, and I don't receive it, and I wind up having to drive the 30 miles from work to pick it up.

I do have insurance now, and I can go to a real dr., and get a real live script and have it filled at an actual pharmacy where they dispense all sorts of medications usually until 9pm at many convenient locations close to home. But they wont write me a script at Planned Parenthood. I think they get those canadian drugs or they get a discount on how many people they dispense medication to? (I dunno, speculation) So I'd have to go have another pelvic exam at the real gyno. And while I'm sure they would use better equipment, and give me a real gown to wear.. Who wants to be violated twice in a year? At least....in THAT way? Not me. No thank you!

I havn't given up on the lottery. The universe wants me to have more money, so it keeps me baited. Now, it's like 170 million. I could afford two islands with all that money!

And now, the rest is about Lost...........

Holey crap John Locke is alive! I kinda knew he would be, but you never know! Who the hell are those other people on the island with them? They seem to know something. And, Cesar said to Jack last week before boarding "sorry about your friend".

Ben is truely evil. Or is he? That's the catch, you don't know what the hell to believe. Is Charles the bad guy, or Ben? Ben did kill Locke, but, maybe he knew he had to die to come back to life, and "feel" he is special. John didn't believe he was that special, obviously he was gonna off himself!

Where is everyone else on the island? I hope they reunite w/Sawyer and the rest next week!

What the heck blew your mind?


Amy said...

Totally nuts!! I don't know who to trust and don't know whether Ben or Widmore is evil. Something is not right about that Cesar guy. He was the only other passenger in first class besides the Losties. And besides the cop holding Sayid.

Sayid and Sun are missing. Did they land with Hurley/Kate/Jack or with the rest of the plane crash? Sun might be the one in the boat with Frank the pilot. But no sign of Sayid.

LiLu said...

Waking up in the morning and having someone still think you look great is truly the best feeling. Now that's love :-)

Mike said...

I used to watch Labryinth just about every day when I was a kid. Great movie.

I like the leopard print on your manfriend's pimp hat.

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

You look skinny, missy. Nice pics. Even with the masks on, you can see the good looking-ness of both you and your manfriend, AND you look happy. :-)

Fizzgig said...

I cant wait til next week. It's insane!!!!

it is love! slober and all!

one of my faves, the dark crystal too! He loves that stinking pimp hat lol.

eeeeek! thank you!!! one day ill post a before and after. But the before is so embaressing! lol.

Erin said...

Awww, you guys look so freaking cute!!

And to get decent health care without having to wait forever for pills, you should just suck it up and go :-) LOL - I know, better to say it then to do it!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Labyrinth was (is) a very cool movie. Since I like pretty much anything Jim Henson did that's no surprise. We have it on DVD.

Watched Dark Crystal the other night --hadn't seen it in yonks and just got it. Henson copied DIRECTLY one of the characters from Labyrinth into Dark Crystal. But I'll forgive him.

I like Fraggle Rock too...

David Bowie's codpiece never did anything for me but I know quite a few sheila's that liked it :)

Ok, back to the birds and the brew.

Oh yeah: Oscar The Grouch RULES!

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

i think you guys are ridiculously cute, and as for lost - holy shit!