"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Where I'm Busy...

I got a letter post to do but I'm having trouble being creative. I'm too busy being a sexy ho secretary. Well, I must have said that at some point, it was in my stats. Holla! But seriously, I'm busy. Coworker left at the most inopportune time. Plus she didn't do anything I asked, and the more I get into her crap the better off I realize I am. I'm busy, but, it's do-able. Although I spent an entire day cleaning her files out. I had to keep saying...."her way is just different" "Not stupid". But really....it was freaking stupid. I reorganized her files to look like mine. Cus let's face it, I'm the boss for a reason.

I really hate slackers. I did my job and hers yesterday, and while I had no time for slacking, I got it done. Hellooooo. Why was your work late? Plus, I took an idea for all of our VP's to do the same award in a given category (we print billions of awards monthly for store employees) and allowing us to do one massive merge versus 11 times 7 which is math but it seems like a lot.

My boss took it to her bosses boss. Still no word on a new employee though. Imagine that. The upside to all this is I'm gonna look awesome when I pull this off.

Also, why do I feel the need after changing in the bathroom stall at work, and the auto toilet flushing 15 times, to tell people as I emerge, "I just changed"? I don't want them to think that 1) I left a big stinkie, and b) that I'm leaving a big stinky and not washing my hands.

Up next at work. Reviews.... A massive meeting, and the rest of month end. Send help in the form of fermented grapes. Or...whatever the hell rum is made out of (in its final rum-diddly form!). Thank you.

LOOOOOOST IS ONNN PEOPLLLE! Other than that my Wednesday's now suck..... No date night. Manfriend's schedule changed. I have to wait ANOTHER day to see him. Hate's it!

And, I got my second W-2 from my second job. I only worked there for 2 months of last year, and made 2189. Guess how many taxes they took out federal? $76. I see the obvious culprite of my having to pay the past few years! Idiots!!! Gawd! Maybe I'll have much less to pay this year as a result of working one job! I'm sending it to the universe!

P.S. My feet don't hurt nearly as bad as they did before new shoes. Aaaand, I'm up to jogging at a 5.3 mph for 15 continuous minutes, the rest of the time, its a 4.1-5.0. I remember when 3.8 was fast to me! I got my insurance card finally, so now I have to call to make an appointment for Chantix. Gulp.


Mike said...

Hmm, what is rum made out of? I think the aliens bring it down to earth.

My girlfriend and I use the term "date night" too.

All work and no play makes Fizzy a dull girl? Never.

Amy said...

Happy LOST Day! I love Wednesdays now. Can't wait for tonight's episode.

Maybe you figured this out or know it already, but in case you don't - the girl on the island, Ellie, who had Faraday at gunpoint, is his mom. Ms. Hawking's first name is Elouise. Crazy!!

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

Sorry date night went caput. It will make Thursday all that much sweeter!

I hate slackers at work too, but in my case, I'm the slacker right now. I'll be happy to get a new boss.

Oh, and I just looked at your ticker (I'm going to steal it for my weight loss tracking too!) - and you've lost 58 pounds!!!!!? OMG! That's freakin' fantabulous. Girl, you are definitely my inspiration. :-)

Allison M. said...

would you believe I've never seen an episode of Lost?

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Totally Off Topic: Did you chose the Fizzgig moniker cus it was the name of the little fuzzy critter in The Dark Crystal?

Just curious.