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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Working Out Is Hard to Do...

As I was in the shower after working out on my lunch hour yesterday.....I said out loud to myself "self, you work out hard". No one could ever accuse me of being a slacker. I'm always pushing myself. If I feel like something is easy, I do it on a deeper incline, or faster. If I'm bored, I flip between The View, and The Price is Right, change it up a bit. I am so exhausted after I work out, I'm not just tired, I'm dripping with sweat, I sweat thru my pants and shirt, my socks are wet, my hair is dripping down to the tips, and I feel like I could sleep for days.

Which I really could do. I don't get it because exercise is suppose to give you energy. Yet, the past few weeks, I'm the walking dead. It could be due to the fact that I often give in to being tired and fall asleep watching TV at home, and then I'm up til 2 am sweeping, and taking a bath, and cooking the next days breakfast and lunch. I don't have much structure where sleep is concerned. I think I solved my own problem.

At the gym, there is the guy who drops the weights cus he's too much a pussy to put them down, cus you know that takes muscle. (I dont care why they do it, I care that it scares the shit out of me while I'm jogging) now we have a girl, who deems the weight on the machine too heavy, so instead of taking them off one by one she slides them off the bar to the ground BOOM!!! BOOM!!!! BOOM!!!!! I always yell "JESUS CHRIST". Becaue nothing pisses people off more than using their lords name in vain. On top of that, now, there is a woman who instead of taking advantage of the fact that we have four shower stalls, takes a bath in the sink with paper towels, while I am blow drying my hair right next to her. The pits...the um.....yea. It's just gross.

I work with these people, in my eyes it makes everything worse! Who wants to be the one that is pointed at, "she washes her hoo ha in the sink"

I was at work until 7 last night. I think bootcamp is on hold until March because of being so busy at work, having a new girl, and a hug-ginormous meeting next week. I'm going to be working extra over the next week and a half. I'm not so sure about new new girl yet. She has no sense of urgency. Instilling one is proving to be a challenge. On the upside, old new girl is like my shining star. She's doing everything she can to help, and doing it right. It's amazing! I must have done something right there.


Anonymous said...

I have worked with a body builder in the past. He told me when I feel that way tired, sleepy etc. I have not fed the body after the work out. He suggested that you eat a complex carbohydrate (cheese) and it will rebound the body giving you more energy. It works! Hope this helps.

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

ewwwww. why is that sink lady so creepy? workout funks happen, just try to fight through it.

Mike said...

Sliding the weights off the end of the bar doesn't sound too safe. I'd be concerned about losing a toe if I were her.

I like Drew Carey on the Price is Right much more than Bob Barker.

Fizzgig said...

Huh. someone suggests you eat cheese? Am I dreaming? I am totally trying that!! Potatos count too? The stupid boot camp lady tells us not to eat carbs and i know thats got something to do w/it.

its just wrong. I see these people in the halls!

I keep thinking there will be a big hole in the floor and we all go crashing down! I do too, he's funny!

Ms. Megan said...

Gross who takes a bath in the sink... I wish I had your dedication to working out!

Erin said...

Why would the bootcamp lady tell you not to eat carbs???????? You must eat carbs to keep up with the kind of intense workout you are doing... at the very least, you must eat some sort of carbs before the workout, as well as a few after to sustain the energy level. I would bet my life that even if you just ate an energy bar (not loaded down with calories by the way!) along with some gatorade and some cheese (anon is totally right by the way) you will feel SO much better, you won't fall asleep while watching tv, hence you will get a better nights sleep.

And seriously - sink lady? Freaking insane.

Fizzgig said...

ms megan:
sme chick at my office gym. ha ha ha.

she ticks me off. esp when i go to bootcamp, im working out 2 hours a day, I need the energy! I was having protein bars before workouts, they were like 120 calories, and they helped then she circled them on my food list. same with Brown rice! shes an idiot. i dont follow the plan anymore i eat what i want.