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Monday, February 16, 2009

The Thirteenth...Heart Pounding Fun..

Nice Crappy camera phone picture. Friday, Heather and me went to see Friday the Thirteenth. On Friday the Thirteenth. Her BF got us tickets around 4 so our 7:05 movie time was guaranteed. The line outside went on forever. We acted like VIP's flashing our presale ticket and heading to the front of the line. Sucks to be those guys.

This picture was actually taken at 9pm after the movie, the 9pm show was even more packed. Why? Cus the movie freaking rocked! I'm a horror fanatic. It's my favorite genre. Of course I like the classics, Friday the 13th's (except for X, which was a waste of a movie) Elm streets, Chainsaw Massacre, Hills have Eyes, and Amityville horror. Most of these, have been remade. Each time, I'd bitch and moan because you just can't redo the classics. While I enjoy the classics, they don't scare me as an adult. The best part of these is that you watch them when you are young, and get the poo scared out of you.

This, like the other above remakes, was pretty good. I was shocked at all the kids at the movie. I wasn't even allowed to see Purple Rain! These kids were seeing tits and ass, and sex, and marijuana use, and cursing, and machetes to the head boooooyaaaaah! Oh, and they even show the poonaner via a hustler magazine photo. Yea. Poon!

In the first ten minutes, you're like, oh, I know how this goes.... but you don't. And then when the title flashed the screen after the opener..the whole place clapped and cheered. Awesome! I love a great movie opening night!!! I can say that there is one guy the whole movie you can't wait until he gets his nads chopped off or something equally as horrible. My only complaint is that his death wasn't more violent. But he does scream like a girl.
The death scenes? Awesome. As expected. I am not a die hard, who is all pissed off that they didn't use the original Jason, because let's face it. He's big, and always one step behind you. Not much criteria needed. I can't say enough about how much I loved this flick, other than I cannot wait to see it again! If you are a fan of the originals, you will appreciate this one. I wanted to hate it, I really did. (On another note, I am pretty sure I'm going to hate the Nightmare remake, because....unlike Jason, Freddy can't be played by anyone but Robert Englund, and Billy Bob? Get real)

Even more awesome? The previews for this movie A Haunting in Connecticut. I saw the TRUE STORY of this on that show A Haunting. Creepy! That's the kind of movie that creeps me out.
For Valentine's, my manfriend made me dinner! He made chicken alfredo, and we had cocktails and wine and champagne. I harassed him while he was trying to cook cus, I happen to be in lust as much as I am love with the boy. So, I didn't keep my hands to myself until I got what I wanted. Dinner was delicious!
It's pretty awesome to have a manfriend that is always nice to you, and therefore, the day is just another day to be in love. We went to a PJ party at a bar down the road for like half an hour. Where some skank in skanky clothes she shouldnt have been wearing tried to pick up my manfriend. On Valentine's day. She just had a cheesy line like, asking me his name. I said my boyfriend? And then after that asking him if she knew him from Outback Steakhouse. Stupid bitch should learn some better moves.


Mike said...

I can't wait to see this movie! I'm jealous. I don't usually like remakes, but I can tell by the commercial that this one is a keeper. I love horror movies.

Deutlich said...

I sooo can not watch horror movies.

Life On Edge. said...

Happy you had a good Valentine's dinner! (wink wink)

Damsel Underdressed said...

Yes! I took my son to see Coraline on Friday and I was like, "What the...?" Our movie theater looked exactly like that photo and we went to the 7:00 show. I can only imagine what the 9:00 showtime was like.