"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

No I don't Want to see you naked...

I'm all for being comfortable naked. I personally practice this at home. Alone. But the gym? No. I change in a bathroom stall. I've seen all sorts of things in the gym. Some chick is always milking herself in there, all out in the open. I am not maternal, so to me it's like hooking a cow up to a machine and producing a half gallon for me. Gross. Don't wanna see it! Especially how you weigh yourself after milking with all your junk hanging out. Can you really lose that much? Couldn't you tuck your stuff back in?

Yesterday, some chick was bare assed on the scale. It makes me feel uncomfortable.

Oh yea, remember how the gym I go to is IN MY OFFICE BUILDING. And I go on my lunch break! Gawd! I don't want to see contraptions hooked to your boobs, your bare ass on a scale, curling your hair without a shirt on, or you covering yourself with trash bags, and then stand next to you in the lunch line. Akwarrrrrd.

I was enjoying the new season of Heroes last night (I think it might be making a comeback after last season's lame attempt at changing things.....) and my freaking CAT catches her TAIL on fire. It's not the first time for me, having 4 cats, and several candles always lit, it's bound to happen. This is the first time however, the cat took off and I had to chase her flaming ass. Luckily, I apprehended her in time, and neither of us got burned in the process. She just stunk up the joint, and has a melty tail. She's a cotton candy persian, her hair is like cotton balls. It melted. Poor baby.

Pee-ess....Two more pounds and I lost 60. 35 more to goal! I can't even believe it!


Narm said...

Congrats on nearing 60 - and I think I should come in this locker room and be the judge on these people.

Purely for science of course.

Mike said...

She milks herself? I didn't know women did that. I thought they saved it all for the baby.

Life On Edge. said...

I have seen sooo many things in that locker room!!! Sometimes I peek at tattoos though I have to say hehe.

Congratulations on your weight goal, that is soooo awesome!!

Dolce said...

Aaahh...that is wrong on SO many levels.

I will NEVER do that!


Deutlich said...

milking herself? in the open?

that's fucking gross.

Fizzgig said...

I think the visual may be better than the real thing! lol

Oh i think its for the baby for later. She has all sorts of contraptions she puts it in.

I'm not too worried about the naked if I didn't have to see them later in the halls.

I think its kinda weird myself.

yea, and theres a separate shower room w/a curtan if she wanted to be private or something.

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

OMG...you'd hate me. I'm one of those who weighs naked (I don't want the added weight of the towel). But I don't milk myself at the gym. Come to think of it...I never milk myself.
That's just..well...just...

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

buddy i'm so proud of you for your weight loss goals. can you please pass your motivation on to me?

thanks ; )

Erin said...

AWESOME job on the weight loss!!

And LOL at the thought of you chasing your cat whose tail is on fire - I know its mean, but totally funny at the same time :-)

And by the way, there is no chance, no way that I would ever be naked at my office building gym, or any other gym for that matter!! And omg.. I only used to pump in the privacy of my own home or in a stall... who the hell does that in public????

Fizzgig said...

it wouldnt b other me if i didnt know you...like at the city gym, people lounged around naked and while it was akward, i didnt see them later buying chocolate milk. Or in a meeting of the minds.

I wish I could bottle motivation, and take an overdose of it myself! It's hard to do every day, and thats part of the reason I stopped bootcamp for a couple weeks. The monotony of my entire life being working out was depressing. So I'm just doing lunch workouts for a while. It's HARD. Not as hard as not drinking as often. But...hard.

I know! gross, right? that's a private thing! and at work? come on! It was funny after i caught her but it scared us both!