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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Equal Rights are for Idiots...

I was kinda obsessed with this guy at the hockey game. I can't imagine why. I think it was his jersey.

The only thing that made me laugh more, was when I asked Tara when they came to clean the ice, and she said "what... with the zimbobway?"

I'm pretty sure that is a country in Africa. And yes, I just said country in africa. I'm not sure if that is even right. There are two things I don't know, geography, and math. I can look at a map, and use a calculator, or excel to figure math for me. I'm actually a smart person when I care about the topic. And, I can math and geography if I have to...so, I'm not a complete idiot. But it's like reading instructions. It makes my head hurt. And I just don't want to. I think enough at work all day.

Maps, math, instructions and geography, are all menswork. Hereby declared by me. In addition to their other duties like using hammers and lifting heavy stuff. I am perfectly happy to fulfill the classic role as a woman and do the laundry and clean the dishes, and stay home with the cats. I find nothing wrong with that.

Have you ever smacked your finger with a hammer? Have you ever tried to connect cable, tivo, dvd, a stereo, and a vcr all together so they work simultaneously and you can hear/see whatever you watch? Have you ever had to move a treadmill up and or downstairs by yourself, or better yet with another girl? Sure, we can do these things, we are women after all, and we can watch TV and talk at the same time (let's see them try to do this one girls!). But they require far more effort for us, and frankly, I'm not feeling it. Being a single gal of course, I do have to perform all the aforementioned duties. I even fixed my steam vac once by taking it apart and replacing the belt. So yes I can America! I just don't want to.

So, maybe you agree that it's way easier to mop a floor, or flip a pancake. I'm all for equal rights in that I should make the same wage if we do the same job, and I don't want to burn my bra, cus they cost $45 bucks a peice. But equal rights doesn't apply when you need like, bugs killed, or toilets unclogged. There are some things I'm perfectly OK with not doing. And I see nothing wrong with this.

P.S. My car turned 100,000 miles yesterday. Today it's at 100048. I put over 40,000 miles on it in two years. Of course, it's cus of Cleveland. And the fact that I drive 60 miles a day to/from work. I have 4 more years until my cars paid off. (insert nervous laugh....)


Erin said...

I'm with ya! Sure we can do things like move, fix things or hang up pictures - but why bother when there are men somewhere who can do it for us!

By the way, I suck at math too... I just don't even bother unless absolutely necessary and then just thank god for the calculator!!

Russ said...

What, exactly, do you think needs to be corrected about the phrase "country in Africa"? Zimbabwe is, indeed, a country in Africa.

Cute post, but in my mind willful ignorance isn't really funny. Why not be the person that can do all these things?

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

Fizz - when I had to catch the loose crickets in my apartment this morning and throw them into Stephie's terrarium, you'd better believe I was wishing for a manfriend to do it! Crickets aren't even all that bad, but I didn't want to touch them. So, I'm with you entirely. ;-)

Mike said...

Great post, like always. You're a funny lady. My car is about to hit 60,000 miles and I'm upset about it. I actually read somewhere that women are usually better at math than men. I don't know, though, I had a 100 avg. in math all through high school.

LiLu said...

My SO definitely takes care of the "Man Jobs" around the apartment. Division of labor, I say!

Life On Edge. said...

Yeah I am all for the division of chores. But I need to know how to do stuff, before I let them go. Because there is one thing that I hate more than to have to do something myself: that this one thing is not done at all.

Heather said...

Haha. I laughed out loud at the jersey. Awesome name!

I love math. I'm great at it. Had the highest score in my college algebra class. But I can't spell. At all. And I suck at geography and history.

Okay. And now the part that will piss off any of your feminist readers. I'm all about wanting to be able to do all the man stuff like move things and fix things. BUT! I also use the fact that I'm a woman to get men to do that for me when I don't feel like it. (By "men" I mean my husband.) When he's not home, I can do all kinds of wonderful manly things. But when he's here, I'm just a girl and I need my man to do the manly things.