"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, January 02, 2009

It's a New Year.....

I'm still recovering from the new year festivities. I'm not hung over, but I'm extremely tired. Like if I stopped typing I could fall right asleep. zzzz

I partied out early on New Year's. Me. It isn't a shock if I tell you that I had almost an entire bottle of Bicardi Coconut to myself. On a mostly empty stomach. I was feeling pretty good up until we left the manfriends shortly after the ball drop, to walk to the Mar's Bar. Where we did cherry bomb shots, and obviously it's never a good idea to mix liquers. We all wore stupid hats. The boys had on sombrero's, and the ladies had on pimp hats. We were awesome to say the least.

We left there to go to the beer engine. Where I knew I shouldn't do a shot and tried to pretend like I did and everyone harassed me to finish it. Then I made intimate friends with the ladies room floor. Which always sucks balls. I had to go outside and find the manfriend to rescue me. His cuteness walked me back to his place, got me changed and fed me some cocoa cola syrup and tucked me into bed. I'm guessing this was around 1:30. I may have mentioned before that I have the cutest manfriend in the world, but it warrants mentioning again. I'm so not use to being taken care of. I'm use to being yelled at and left to fend for myself. I love that boy!

The manfriend told me I got sick because of this.

I had a billion limes in my drink. I simply didn't take the old one out when I got a new drink. This also means I had
like 10 or so drinks. Mind your business.

He went to the neighbors to play beer pong and next thing I know it's 6 am and he's back with one of his friends. So, I got up and we were up talking, and um.....not talking until 10 am. The talking part was a really good talk about our parents. (ha ha Momma) We snuggled up and slept until about 2, and that was it. A mere few hours of sleep.

We got up and hung out in our PJ's and acted disgustingly in love with each other. I had some keilbasa and saurkraut. We watched a few episodes of Brookhaven obesity clinic on TLC. That pissed me off because some of those people in FAT REHAB were having food delivered to the hospital. I know to each his own, but there were people who wanted to change and couldn't get in the hospital cus those people were wasting time in there. We watched the Changeling (which was awesome!) and Star Wars Episode 2. I didn't want to leave, and of course cried on the way home. I hate it. If I dwell on it, I will get mad at the manfriend for not being ready to live with me. So, I have to let it pass. That's his issue, not mine. Sigh.

All in all a happy new years, I had a blast until I puked. Maybe that should go on my headstone?


Allison M. said...

You sound like my friend's boyfriend.."I had a blast before I puked."

He was so sick New year's morning.

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

First off - great pic of you (very pretty) Secondly, gulp, you drank all that!!!! Girl...ouch. But it does sound like you had fun until the puking thing. That is never a good time. Manfriend sounds so great and you sound so happy. Living together can be over rated, so I've heard. ;-)

Alexa said...

i do the same thing with my drinks with the fruit. it think it's too.

i'm glad manfriend was so sweet to you, evening and morning. wink wink.

Frances said...

I want my headstone to say - Wish You Were Here, Love Frances
Happy New Year to you and your wonderful manfriend. So glad you two found each other.

Heather said...

That is exactly the way New Year's is supposed to go! Way too much drinking, puking then hanging out in your pjs. I stayed home, drank a lot of wine, watched Borat again, then watched the ball drop from my bed. I'm old.

Patti Cake said...

I've found that once I puke I can usually have more fun...LOL. Or I try to anyway.

Happy New Year!

Suzi said...

Cute photo of you! You are looking mahvelous, dahling!

When you have a teenager in the house, you don't get to drink on NYE, because you have to be prepared that your kid is going to call from the police station. Wouldn't do to show up there drunk, I suppose. Fortunately, she behaved herself and it didn't happen, but I was prepared!

I watched part of that fat person show, and I wanted to throw a ham through the TV. It's so frustrating to see these people refuse help and thwart themselves, but I guess it just speaks to the severity of their disorder. It's easy to shout STOP ORDERING PIZZA when I don't know what it feels like to be absolutely, desperately compelled to eat it.

And thus concludes the Longest Comment of 2009!

Mike said...

You know you're drunk when you end up on the floor of a public restroom. Yikes. I'm glad I just get really sleepy before I get to the puking stage.

Erin said...

As long as you had a great time - and it sounds like you did!!

Puking always sucks!!