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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You're No bunny til some bunny loves you...

TONIGHT LOST IS BACK! LOST IS BACK! REPEAT, LOST IS BACK! It's been so hard to contain my excitement!

Hey, how bout watching the new prez, who can speak, and inspire people vs. look like a total moron and scare us to death? Loved it!

This is the elusive Boo's. He's my bunny. He's a lil guy who is a netherland dwarf mix. When I got him like 5 years ago from the rescue, they told me he was 5 years old. Bunnies life expectancy is 5 years. I got him to be "husbun" to my then netherland dwarf "Bitsy". (how cute was that name? Bitsly bunny?)

It took me about a month to bond them. You would think that bunnies are these cute and friendly creatures that would love everyone and everything, but they're viscious little shits when it comes to other bunnies. They try to kill each other. They have to be slowly bonded to other bunnies. Plus, they have to be fixed for obvious reasons.

Boo's has outlived two wives. His first wife Bitsy, that I bought (oh, the horror) from a breeder. And his second wife Chelsea, who I also rescued. She was an adorable blue eyed lop. And a dog of a bunny.

Boo's isn't the friendliest bunny in the world. He also has the papilloma virus. His old owners wanted to put him to sleep cus of it. Poor little guy. His butt is always red. That's all. Wheres the harm in that? Which I attribute to his grumpy ways. That and he must be like 300 in bunny years.

You can get Boo's to be friendly with food. This is us the other night, sharing some popcorn. I'm normally pretty good with the bunny diet. But we all need to splurge. His most favoritest thing in the world is raisens.

In people news....coworker knows a guy who works for microsoft. Manfriend said that he cleaned the virus from my hard drive, and that all I needed to fix my computer is a new version of windows. I have put this off cus 1) it's expensive, and b) who the fuck wants vista? Anyhoo, said Microsoft guy says he can put a legal version of it on my computer. I use to have an illegal copy.

If my computer works, I swear I'll change my pirating ways. I know other people who are better at it than me, and don't catch viruses! I'll just get things from them.

bunny noses are kinda cute.


merider (M.E.-rider) said...

Boo's is so darn cute. I cannot imagine that little fluffy thing being moody. Sorry, I don't believe you. But, yes, if his little butt is red all the time, well...that would put me in a bad mood too. ;-)

Mike said...

Cute bunny. He looks evil... that's awesome.

It's much easier to have people burn "borrowed" entertainment for you.

babylamb said...

I never knew you had a bunny?? Are you hiding any other animals.

Mandy Lou said...

Love the bun nose! I had a Netherland Dwarf for 5 years, such a great pet :-)

Erin said...

Awww, I think that is an adorable bunny!!

Fizzgig said...
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Fizzgig said...

he is he grunts and lunges at you. he use to be a nice bunny but he's crochity inhis old age!

yea, thats best left for the "professionals" lol.

4 cats a dog and a bunny. Thats enough. Oh, 1 temporary cat until the manfriend takes her home.

mandy lou:
aaaaw!! Mine was gray she was so darned cute!

he is cute. if he were only a nice bunny too.

Heather said...

Oh great. Now I want a bunny.