"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Company You Keep..

Hey Lost fans. Only we can appreciate this hilarious video I found on Lostpedia about how obsessive we are.....

Monday, Kat came to bootcamp class. It's like her third time. There is probably 50 people in the class now, and it's not that fun cus the new people are dumb and can't catch on to things so we repeat the same shit over and over. Anyway, she made it fun. Guess what else, she's going to Austria in Feb. She pretty much sucks. I asked if she'll visit the home of Ah-nolde but she said no.

After bootcamp she said "I love working out". That's totally mental. I can say that if I don't work out, I feel "down in the dumps" I need the boost you get from doing it. I have to, cus if I slip for a day my whole routine gets jacked up. I feel sluggish, and not to mention, I'll gain 10 lbs in a week if I don't because I was blessed with awesome genetics. I would never say I love it and mean it. I say I love it, to psyche myself up. But....it basically sucks up all my free time. And gives me blisters. And makes me sweat. But I'm not going to be a crickity crackity 80 year old in a wheel chair. I want my body to work for me, not against me as I age.

You know how unhappy people don't like you when you are happy? And want to make your being happy, into their being unhappy because you're happy? Anyone? Just asking. Cus I know people like that myself. And they can pretty much suck it.

Me? I keep good company. Like, the kind of company that carries their froggie onto the couch, kisses him, then snuggles his fuzzy froggy head. How cute is this?

This company is questionable. Fozzie thinks her mother is a pillow. She likes balls too, but that's between her and the manfriend.

It's Friday. I weigh in tonight. If the scale at bootcamp wasn't jacked up , I could be confident in the fact that I lost 2lbs this week. But, I have no idea what to expect. I'm so exhausted from working out and work, I slept from 7-1am last night. So, then I was up til 4am, and back to sleep until 7.

Broken sleep is like no sleep at all!

I'm going out with my girlfriends tonight. Where I shall enjoy a BEER, and some sort of food that I shouldn't have but will enjoy every minute of. If they have pizza anything at the bar, its mine. All mine. Happy Friday!


Suzi said...

Cutest Kitty Ever!

You know, I don't think I know anybody who gets unhappy just because I'm happy. If I did, I think I would un-know them pretty quickly. What an icky personality trait.

Anonymous said...

I do love to work out and I'm pretty sure that makes me mental. I think it's the endorphins. Before, I never liked it but eventually something clicked and now I think about when I can work out and how I can fit extra time in for it. LOL. I'm gay. You would think I'd look like one of those models in Women's Fitness or something, but NO!! I have no idea how those people get that way. Unrealistic airbrushing if you ask me!

I'm also going to Venice for the Carnivale. YAY! I'll bring you some rocks.


Mike said...

Pizza and beer? Yummy.

I have a friend who is miserable all the time and he told me that he "fucking hates when he sees people happy." He's good to hang around with when he's in a good mood, though... the funniest guy I ever met.

I love your cat pictures. I have to get myself a kitten soon. I don't care what the landlord says... he lives far away.

Deutlich said...

There's no way I could do bootcamp.

Ken Albin said...

Love the kitties! Our Miss Kitty and Princess have their little stuffed toys thay love to curl up with. Thanks for sharing!

Life On Edge. said...

oh man that kitty-froggy pic is too cute...

I used to hate happy people in the general sense - not anybody in particular - because I was very unhappy. But I would never have done anything to make someone happy unhappy. I was just hiding from the world. I think I was just hating the fact that I was unhappy, not really happy people.

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

I know many folks who love for others to be unhappy like them and mistrust happiness from anyone. Sad way to live in my opinion, but I just ignore them and snatch any minute of happiness I can find! You're fuzzy butts are darling. I'm allergic to cats (asthma), so I can't have one, but I think they are so cute. Enjoy the beer and pizza (if you find it) tonight. It's all about balance... ;-)
Oh, and have a good weekend.

Maxie said...

ohhh fuzzzzzy babies!

sorry i'm such a sucker for kitty pictures!

Erin said...

That is a wonderful picture!

So nicely put on the company you keep aspect of the post - it is so freaking true!!

And I REALLY hoped you enjoyed your beer - you have totally earned it!

Fizzgig said...

haters, people hate on you for being happy!

yes its mental. I dont miss it, and i rearrange my schedule for it, but thats cus its the only way to lose weight. Not cus I love it.

pizza and beer equals a slice of heaven! You should get a cat, they are super easy to hide!

I cant do it this week. She's on my last nerve!

awwww, cats are the cutest! I just love them!

Life on the Edge:
I use to hate people in love, but id at least pretend to like them to their faces. lol.

well your calling is lizards. lol.everyone has their calling.

their pretty cute!

I totally enjoyed them. they were heavenly!