"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

It's a State Of Mind...

You know, you are only as old as you feel, right? I feel like, 18, maybe 21 since I can drink legally and, fork a yard. Yet, mature, as I can sit in a meeting with all the big wigs and say things like "perhaps we should maintain our current direction, and analyze more efficient ways of doing these". But what is good at making you feel old is this.

You are sitting at your desk, sending information across the superhiway a.k.a the internet, for work, minding your business, in the zone...and humming to the song piped in over muzak.

Then you hear a much younger coworker (new girl) pipe up "If they don't stop playing these oldies, I'm going to scream!!"

And, you answer...."But, new girl, this is Debbie Gibson...'only in my dreams' it's not ollllllldies, it's the 80's"

New Girl: "Ugh, I hate the 80's"

Me: Dumbfounded

I told her I wanted to weep for her. How can anyone not like the 80's? It's like disliking polka. Not just because I'm a polish gal, polka is just happy. We have a college station here (Z88) that plays polka on Sunday mornings. It's like the shopping network, if you stop for even a second, it sucks you in.

And, it's not like meloncholy 80's music, it's Debbie Gibson. Come on, that is like against the law or something. It really makes me mad.

Oldies schmoldies. Being older is awesome. I know who I am and I'm not annoying enough to ask a question like..."do boys have a colon?". Seriously, she asked me that. I think she meant prostrate or something, but she asked me if they had colons. Wait, I just proved it's not an age thing. It's ignorance. Ignorant folk don't appreciate Debbie Gibson. Or know that men might be from mars, but they have the same pooping system we do.


Erin said...

*jaw dropping*

Not like Debbie Gibson?? Jeez - what is this world coming to? I LOVE the 80's!

Mike said...

She should be fired. ;)

Katie said...

Even Noah knows that 80's music is cool. Guess I got lucky and my kid is the exception to the following.

I have decided that God lost patience about 1978 and started to not care if people were born with brains. Some got them and some didn't. Just the luck of the draw. You should have told her, "no, they have intestines." She would have been really confused. Ask the new girl if she had me for class. I believe she might have been one of my students. I am sure I failed her because I was born before 1978 and have a brain.

Greg said...

Well, I don't know... I'm an 80's fan but I'm not really into Debbie Gibson. But you do make a good argument about our pooping systems... maybe I should go back and check her stuff out again.

Nice blog... see you next time.

Heather said...

Like, ohmygod! How can you talk about the 80's and NOT talk about Madonna!

Deutlich said...

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE the 80s. I don't see how anybody could not love the 80s. I'm a lil' weirded out.