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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Congratulations! It's a....Plant!

Week two. Lost. Tonight. Cant....wait!

Snow. It snowed. This was my drive to work. At 20 mph. It took me an hour and a half. We have like the storm of the century round two coming. You couldn't tell what lane to be in either. I made it though.

Positive thought of the day. While I may not love the snow, I hate sitting in sweltering heat and sweating from merely breathing 100 times more. At least I can bundle up and play in the snow. You can't play in the hot. You're too busy sweating and panting like a dog. The hot kills people. Wait, so does the cold. Either way, I much prefer the cold. You can snuggle under blankets with a cute boy in the cold. It's not as much fun in the hot.

I adopted a plant at work. Actually, I adopted 5 plants. It's my way of helping the company out during these difficult times. Or, something. They decided to save money and have us care for the billion plants in the building instead of having an outside company come in and care for them as done in the past.

The fun part is, I got an actual adoption certificate, and my name goes in my plants. I'm all about helping out. If it saves my job, even better, right? Here's to hoping I don't kill the plants! Now is where I mention that my coworker went in on the adoption with me, and is now leaving me a single mother. You'll notice under the whited out area where MY name is, I stuck paper over her name. Cus, she isn't getting credit for it. I'm going to fix all the plant tags too.

Speaking of single mothers. I oxycleaned my carpets last night. Mind you I clean them weekly as it is. They were nasty. If you never clean your carpets, I wouldn't ever walk barefoot on them. It's gross!

My manfriend sent me a picture of mojo (his new kitty I rescued) at work yesterday and said that she says "Hi". How cute is that? Pretty cute! You can see how we are destined to be together! He said that she's following him around the apartment, so she loves him. You can't blame her, he is pretty cute, and charming! And, a damn good snuggler!

I've been working diligently at labeling my posts. It's quite a task.

*Excuse the camera phone pictures. Until I packed my lunch this morning and found my camera in my lunchbox, I thought someone stole it.


Frances said...

Congratulations on your adoption certificate. =-).
Are you going to give your plants a name each?
Single Mothers Rock!

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

you get an adopt a plant certificate?!?!

Erin said...

That is so cute that you adopted plants!! I bet they will feel very loved :-)

Mike said...

I'm so sick of the snow. We're getting about another foot of snow today. Blah. I don't usually mind it, but it's getting out of hand. Only about four more months until summer.

Maxie said...

I love that-- what a cute idea. :-)

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

OMG! That is some scary snow to drive in. Very cute about Mojo and the manfriend. ;-)