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Monday, January 12, 2009

Not So Storm of The Century...And Snow Pics..

I'm sure everyone has a story from the wintery weekend. I don't really. My story goes, it took me 45 minutes to get to boot camp, and I had to wait to take a later class, so I drove home in the storm. If you watched the news you'd think the apocolypse was coming. STAY INDOORS! DON'T DRIVE! HORRIFIC CONDITIONS! IT'S SNOWING!!!! I mean seriously news people, have you nothing better to do? I think we live in Ohio and we are accustomed to dealing with the snow. Isn't the economy bad enough? Let people go out and spend money. I gave up on them, and relied on the weather channel, and the talk of Akron. (local talk radio) where real people gave their real accounts of the real conditions of the real storm.

We got about 8 inches. I was snowed in my apartment til about 4:30 Saturday. I had cabin fever. Not that I had anywhere to go, but not being able to go anywhere if I wanted to...sucks. Suprisingly a plow came to clear our driveway of doom eventually. I was shocked.

The prospect of not seeing the manfriend pissed me off. But, in his true cuteness he escaped the city and came to the country. Apparently, it was way better out my way. Being that we have 2 traffic lights, I think the plows were able to better keep up with the storm. Plus, it mostly snowed at my house Fri/Sat morning. And was still snowing when he left to come over that evening up his way. I think it always snows in Cleveland. Even in July.

Met a new neighbor (we have a fourplex) on Saturday, Tayray's boyfriend (their my neighbors I'm on the end) is outside with him, and introduces me. Asks me where the manfriend is. Then proceeds to say to the new neighbor how manfriend and I wake them up at night....ifyoucatchmydrift and then imitated sex noises, and said "then the bed bangs against the wall". I said "don't be a hater, at least I'm getting some". I mean really. Why call me out in front of someone I don't know? But, I don't care. I have nothing to be ashamed of. And just for that, the manfriend and I not only broke my bed risers (again) that hold my bed up, but demolished them, and then bent my bed frame. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa................ Pretty much I need a new frame for it to be stable. Not that I'm complaining, it was a fun process!!

Other than that we had fun flirting with each other and being really disgustingly cute. Like, he told me that he's as nuts about me as the first day he met me. And, he told me I could win the most beautiful girl award. (We were watching tool academy, and I told him he was definately not a tool, and could totally win Mr. Awesome...) It's nothing new, he does that stuff all the time. I think that's what keeps us so in love is that we always remind each other why we love the other. I told him that's probably why our sex life is fantastic, because for girls it's mostly mental, and I always feel loved by him. Awwwwww. But I also wanna rip his clothes off and well......you know.

So, the big news. Bootcamp. I lost 3lbs, and have made my first goal set by bootcamp nazi of losing 25% of my goal. I made the first rank which I forget what it is, it's a military term. I lost 3lbs, and I got off the scale and did a dance, and said "yayyyy I made my first goal" and was squealing....bootcamp nazi simply said "you could be losing 3lbs each week".

That was probably the shittiest thing she could've said, but I don't care. I didn't gain weight over the holidays. Which is hard. And she didn't rain on my parade.

P.S. Snow pics for M.E.Rider...who misses the snow. Crazy?


Deutlich said...

Oh, man.. I would've hit someone for putting my business out there like that... and promptly moved my bed.

sazza said...

Well done to you for losing 3lbs! Cool pics, and such a cute wee doggie :) As for someones comments to you about your active 'love life' - I get the impression they aint getting any!!!

sazza x

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

Your boot camp leader needs to pull the dumbell out of her... never mind. Congrats, lady! Woohoo! 3 lbs is awesome. And, yes, I LOVE the snow pics and the pics of your little doggy in the snow jacket. Too cute! :-)

Momma said...

Love the pic of St. Francis.

Fizzgig said...

no doubt! lol.

thank you! its 13 for my bootcamp total. Cant wait til its 20! My doggie is pretty cute!

isnt she cute in her coat? she doesn't love it but I love seeing her in it. I miss her ponytails but she's an old bird. When I'm in my 80s I hope people don't put pigtails on me.

Mike said...

We've been getting snow or ice storms like every day for a month. I'm sick of it, fizzy. Aren't you?

Erin said...

WTG on the 3lb weight loss - you are doing so awesome!!

And damn, I miss being holed up with a manfriend of my own during a snow storm... of course even if I met someone, I live in NC and the most snow we get is flurries - but it would still be fun!

Fizzgig said...

mike: its our second storm....we havnt had much snow til now, but im sick of it already. lol. i think about moving south then i remember it gets to be hot more often and the only thing i hate more than snow is hot.

Thank you! 2 and 3lbs doesnt seem like much but at least its losses!!!Well, you can be holed up during a rainstorm too! those are scarey and you need a man to comfort you. well, thats me. lol.