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Monday, January 19, 2009

Grown Ups...

I really need to move. I owe 5 years of city taxes to the city I live in. It's not like I am a deadbeat or anything, it's that I freaking have city tax coming out of my checks already, and state, and federal. Why do I have to pay two city taxes? The rule round here has always been, you pay the city where you work, or the city where you live, whichever is higher. For some reason, I also have to pay my city where I live, in addition to where I work. It's a crock of shit.

Plus, I end up owing like 200 bucks. Add to that the fact that I owe around 3-400 to federal, around 100 to state, and you've got a recipe for disaster. Sure, I could have them take more out of my checks, but I don't want them using my money all year and not giving me shit back. I'd rather use it and not give THEM shit back. Relax, I at least pay my federal and state taxes.

Last year they sent me certafied mail and my MOM signed for it and I had to go to court to have my taxes done. Of course, at my house court turned out to be a lady behind a counter who did my taxes and wanted money. I thought I was getting hauled off to jail for sure.

I got another letter this week. Only my MOM isnt staying with me to sign for it, so I think I might not pick it up. I need to move. I think it's complete bullshit.

Speaking of grown ups. I dunno when this happened but it seems like everyone just stopped having fun. And by everyone, I mean people I am use to hanging out with. When you hear me say I do things, it's either with the manfriend, or with the manfriend's friends. I sit and contemplate if this is a sign that I don't need to live close to my "people" because my "people" don't hang out anymore? I don't like that part of growing up. It sucks.

I had a fabulous weekend with the manfriend. We rented 6 movies Saturday at 11pm. We went shoe shopping on Sunday. Guess what? I got new shoes. Guess what else? They are 1/2 size smaller than my previous shoes which gave me hella blisters and corns and whatever else ails my feet. I've always worn an 8 1/2. I tried on 3 brands of sneakers, all an 8. Do your feet lose weight? Even when I was thin I wore an 8 1/2.

I lost 1lb on Friday at bootcamp. Which I think is complete shit. She goes between scales and I weigh myself on mine after, mines 2lbs heavier. Always. I got home Friday and I weighed 2lbs less than I weighed in at bootcamp, meaning I really lost 4lbs. She's pissing me off with that. And..When I weighed in she said "why'd you only lose 1 pound?". I said "gee, I dunno, I work out twice a day EVERY day, and I've dropped two sizes!" So she circled stuff on my list of food. Carrots. And a snack size popcorn. 2 Cups of microwave popcorn. No butter. Apparently when eating healthy you can only eat certain vegetables. Which is the dumbest shit I've ever heard. She's not a dietician.

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sazza said...

Get outa there, forget the taxes, and move to Scotland!

Problem solved!


Anonymous said...

We need to do stuff other than go drinking since I don't get hammered anymore. When it gets nice again we can start our regular hikes and whatnot like before. Then we can get ice cream and completely miss the point of excercise. When are you coming climbing with me!?


Heather said...

Perfect. Live in Stepford, where I live. You'll still be in Ohio so you can still see the manfriend, AND! you'll be close to me and I'm all about the fun and the drinking and making an ass of myself.

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

You have such a wit about you, Fizz. Your tax situation sounds terrible. Definitely move if you're having to pay twice (I've never heard of such a thing!). But please don't go to jail as you won't be able to blog. ;-)
Congrats on your weight loss and don't get too mad at boot camp lady - they do that. It's their job to piss you off royally so that you'll 'show them a thing or two.' She's just messing with you to keep you guessing and motivated. You're doing great! :-)

Mike said...

It's not your fault that boot camp lady has broken scales.

Paying taxes for two different cities? That's an outrage!

Tayray said...

We were home this weekend. We just went to the movies Sat afternoon. Your always going to cleveland anymore on the weekends so I dont ask you to do anything. Next time the manfriend comes down here, call us.

Momma said...

Not only do you not see your drinking buddies, you don't see family much either.

Damsel Underdressed said...

I would only go by one scale...yours. Go by what it tells you. You are doing an amazing job.

You can't have carrots? Too much sugar in them? Shit. I just ate a ton of them this week.

I promise I'd be fun if you went out with me. So if you are ever in the 'burgh...

LBluca77 said...

See that is exatly why some people do not pay taxes. I messed up on my state taxes last year and ended up having to pay more than I thought. Not cool.

Fizzgig said...

if it were only that easy!
you dont have to drink to hang out with your friends. thats lame.
ok, now find me a job making enough money to support myself and 5 kids (and one foster cat) and ill be right there. Oh, and a place that will accept all these animals! lol.
thanks. i try to tell myself that its all for the greater good, and i hadnt lost anything in a year so its progress! And yea, double taxes is totally stupid!!
she said shes gonna start using 2 scales to speed up weigh ins, which i think is crap! You should always use the same scale!
well your the exception. you at least still do things. lol.
I dont see you because I work out 5 days a week and I'm exhausted when I get home at 8, and have to pack my next days workout clothes, cook my breakfast/lunch, and bathe. then its 10pm and time to start all over again! I see my BF twice a week. Hardly the reason.
yea, the sugar. how stupid is that?
it is! its complete crap! taxes make me sick!