"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bout to be a what? Girl fight!...

Friday I had to wear my supervisor hat, and actually do some mediating. Had a fight at work. Good thing I've taken 10 diversity classes, and a conflict management class. Right? Because I still did what I would do normally do, and didn't apply much of what I learned. I went to the gym to workout, and when I came back, no one was on the "floor" to answer phones. I saw new girl, and coworker holed up in a VP office. I asked them to come out.

Coworker comes up to me and says: can I do new girl's job because I have nothing to do, and she is behind.

Me: I'll talk to new girl about it.

Coworker: New girl is going to lunch cant I do it while she's gone?

Me: I'll talk to new girl after her lunch break, thanks for your offer.

Coworker to new girl: She said no new girl.

Coworker to me: Im going to pray for you because you have a lot coming down the line.


I really don't like when people say they are going to pray for me. It implies that I am doing something wrong, that I need to be forgiven for, or I can't handle my own life. That is MY interpretation.

Seems like they were scheming but it turned out to be quite the opposite.

Protocol is this. I get the girls planner pages every day, I asess their workloads, and if I feel they are behind, I offer help, move work around, or have one help the other. That's why I get paid the big bucks. I will intervene here and say new girl had missed a day of work because her fiance is sick.

New girl gets back from lunch, and I decide to move our one on one (meetings we have to have every week to "check in" it's a corporate thing which is pretty awesome) to right then. I find out coworker pulled new girl into an office after thinking she disrespected her, and told new girl that her stress is affecting her at work, and she needs to watch her personal calls before she gets our privliges taken away. New girl felt threatened, and coworker was being very rude. This went on and on and the bottom line is, coworker had no right to do what she did.

New girl was visibly shaken. I told her never go into an office with a coworker w/o a supervisor, because she has no back up if it escalates. I spent the day smoothing over the mess. The bottom line is coworker was out of line.

Coworker is older than me and new girl, and has always had a problem with my being promoted jussst beneath the surface. We had friction from the get-go. It festers up from time to time, and I think when new girl says things like...do boys have a colon...or debbie gibson is the oldies, and her latest "OMG, Dr. Pepper is good", (never. tried. dr. pepper.ever.) it frustrates coworker. She has no tolerance for people who have different views. We almost got into it one time when I was talking about buddhism. (she's a holy roller, which is her choice and I don't put her down for it) So, we don't talk about it anymore. That is why she got in the "I'll pray for you".

One thing I know, I can't change how coworker views the world. I can only deal with my reaction to it. Ommmmmm......

And, now for some random pictures!

One of the cutest cats ever, is my Pickachu. Here he is with his most favoritest toy in the world his stuffed froggie. He carries it around and cries. This is him biting the froggy cus I think it was a bad froggy. Die froggy, die.

I got this lantern from my Momma for Xmas. I hung it in my bedroom. It's pretty sweet, it holds a tealight. Romannnntic.

This is a not so fabulous picture of my stars. Manfriend got me the one up top, its a mirrored star. One day I'll have lots of them.

P.S. I'll use the force and tell you to tivo Ellen today (if you have real Tivo you can do this online so you have no excuse) because Wayne Dyer is on. I'm super excited. You should be too.


Damsel Underdressed said...

I think you handled the situation very well and THAT is why YOU were promoted and not Co-worker.

My one cat who will be 13 this year has a toy called "Pink Kitty" (kind of perverted, I know) that is as old as he is. It is this little hot pink cat that is missing his nose and some fur but is still his favorite pick out of the giant basket of toys that my cats have.

Erin said...

That latern is beautiful!

And I still say you need to fire new girl... and while your at it, can't you fire coworker too? :-) I don't like either of them, lol

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

You handled that well, Fizz, but coworker sounds like a bitter pill. Watch your back with that one as she sounds a little like a loose cannon.
That is the cutest cat pic ever and the lantern is lovely. :-)

Allison M. said...

Wow, women can be so complicated and holy passive aggressive crazy coworker. Maybe she's the one with stress issues not the new girl? I'd be ommmmming over ever day.

Mike said...

Pickachu is a handsome little devil.

I had a high school girl who I used to supervise always tell me "you need Jesus." I'd respond with something like "You need to go put those CD cases on the shelf."

alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

being a manager is tough shit - and it doesn't help when someone is trying to butt in!

Mandy Lou said...

Man I hated being a manager, for that exact reason. There will always be someone older and less talented and then you and sadly you've got to deal with it - but it sounds like you did a great job!

Love the kitty, clearly he loves his froggy!

Fizzgig said...

lol, that is funny about your cats toy. I dunno what it is about that frog. I think I handled it alright, funny thing is I had to do all this training and it taught me nothing.

yea, if we got rid of her, then Id be really screwed though. at least shes another body. We're on a hiring freeze.

thank you my cat is probably the cutest cat so it makes sense =). work annoys me at times!

i know, sometimes I miss having testosterone around to even things out.

that made me LOL. and yea, he is kinda handsome! He knows it too.

yea, mostly she was trying to be a bitch. but whatever. ha ha ha.

mandy lou:
right, age doesnt guarantee you anything. I hope I dont act that way the older I get because entitlement pisses me off!