"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year....

I happen to be working only 4 hours today. Then I plan to workout, and rest up for some festivities tonight. By festivities I mean...drinking. I'm headed to the big city (Cleveland) because no one ever does anything of excitement in the little city (Akron). I don't remember the last time I had a fun New Years at home? I'm sorry if this offends anyone, but perhaps it's a challenge to be more exciting? I could have tried to plan some elaborately fun event, but no one would attend. I really never thought it would be so hard to get folks together. Haters.

I believe we are headed to a couple of parties, and ending the evening at the manfriends with friends. We were going to do wine but if we're traveling to parties, I certainly am not stashing my wine in someone elses fridge. I take my drink seriously. Like, seriously, I'd pound you if I caught you drinking my shit. Getchur own!

I've realized in my quest for fitness (a.k.a giving up beer, hey, you gotta start somewhere) it's the pits to party away from home or bars. No one has alchohol at their house to offer. Beer? Sure. Maybe some plastic bottle vodka or something (yack).

And, I sure as shit am not going to leave my unfinished alchohol at your house so you can drink it, that shit aint cheap. It's quite the predicament. The manfriend and I were at BW3 watching UFC with is friend and the friends girlfriend, when they decided (after we'd had one whole drink, and they were trashed) we should go see their new house. "you can come over and have some beer, and play cornhole". I'm so socially unacceptable anymore. Maybe I'll invent a mobile liquer delivery. Go ahead and laugh. I have fabulous ideas.

I usually don't do this, but it's the year for change.
In the new year, I plan to:

  • work towards meeting my bootcamp goals
  • Getting pretty drunk New Years, kissing my cute manfriend, and then getting lucky. Wink.
  • Quitting smoking with the help of Chantex (the manfriend is gonna quit too so we can really test our love for one another.......wink)
  • Eating more spaghetti squash w/marinara and kidney beans. I mean really, there is nothing more dee-dilly-icious in the world. Besides maybe, nutter butters. But we won't go there.
  • Get a shih-poo
  • Perfect a nearly no-calorie yet delicious, well-traveled alhoholic bevy
  • Finish my closet so I can steal the manfriend and lock him inside
  • Pay off my employee account at work
  • Stop buying jewelry so I can do the previous task
  • Go to the dentist A.K.A conquer my phobia, that has kept me away since my horrific wisdom teeth experience at 17 where I was fully awake and had my teeth ripped from my gums. This one is necessary...but hard.
  • Move. Preferably into a house. Screw this apartment searching, it's pretty pointless. Especially if I am going to get a shih poo, and have two dogs. I have too much crap to move into an apartment.
  • Buy an IRA or some other smart sounding investment into my old age so I don't have to die alone eating cat food
  • Pay my city taxes. I guess. (I have not done so for like, 4 years, because oh yea, I already pay city taxes out of my check and paying to the city I also live, that claims they are not a city therefore need to tax me, is fucking stupid)
  • Print the last 4 years of digital pictures like real pictures you can hold
  • Put said pictures into albums
  • organize all my pictures, and burn to CD

Mine aren't resolutions. I think resolution means you have problems. I have no problems, I'm at peace with all these things, but I'm a self development whore, and I like to improve my mental state, so why not branch out.

What are your goals?

Buy me a shih poo I'll let you kiss its nose!


Alexa said...

i haven't put together my goals yet, maybe i'll work on that tomorrow.

also, next time you come to cleveland can we go out?!?

Maxie said...

When I go places I usually bring cheaper end wine that I like-- that way if I have to leave it behind it's no big deal because it didn't cost much, but it also gives me something to drink.

Jocelyn said...

greetings from singapore !

happy new year to u ! :)

Narm said...

I'm hi-jacking dee-dilly-licious. Sorry - if you are upset you'd have to drive to Cleveland and...oh shit you'll be here tonight.

Fizzgig said...

Im there almost every wknd, if I don't convince the manfriend to come down my way. I learn all the cool places from your blog and tell the manfriend, he hasn't heard of half of them. Apparently he's sheltered.

Oh wait..I mostly love cheap wine.

Hello, from far far away!

you can use it. lucky for you its snowing, and im not gonna drive around to kick ass on new years. lol

Erin said...

Those are some really great goals! It's good to be a self improvement whore - that means you always get better :-)

I have a lot goals - too many, lol. I'll write down them and put them into a post one day, lol.

Happy New Year!!

Heather said...

Eh. I'm staying home and drinking wine with the Mr. then ringing in the new year in a big way if ya know what I mean. (Yeah. I've already started drinking.)

I like wine better than beer. Red wine has less calories and more alcohol content so ya get drunk faster! I'm all for that.

I quit smoking three years ago with Welbutrin and the patch. Here's a really really good website that helped me a lot!
You can add me as your quit buddy if ya want. My username is "heatheranne".

Hope you have a great new year!

Janet said...

I stopped writing goals. At the very least I could always cut and paste the ones from previous years. Happy New Year!:)

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure the last 3 of your goals are on mine as well lol. What has Facebook done to me??